Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well things certainly livened up around here! The mailman came and brought some excitement! Winona (no blog, yet) sent me this gorgeous purse and accessories! It is just beautiful. Look at the wonderful crosshatching on the bag....Included were matching wallet...the slots are incredible (I forgot to take a pic of the inside), a coin purse (with a penny for luck), a kleenex holder, and a glasses case!!I just love it all!!! Thank you SOOOO much Winona!!!! I have everything all organized in there. It was not difficult as the inside of the purse is full of wonderful pockets!!!I know...5 tubes of lipstick, but a girl has to be prepared!

Winona also included little packages for Charlotte and Zach. She made them crayon holders. Charlotte has hers loaded with crayons now. Zach, also, and he used his this morning during math. The kids say "Thank You WINONA!!!!!Winona and I chit chat on the phone once in a while....along with quilting, diet, husbands and grandkids, we love to talk Biggest Loser!! Last night we were both thrilled to see our favorite win!!! Our least favorite almost slipped and fell. I had a bad thought, but soon contained myself! She really was mean!!!!
I, too, have been busy sewing and am almost finished with my last project. I can't tell you what it is, but I love, love, love this fabric. It is Moda, 3 Sisters, Vienna Nights Collection. It is part of my Galena fabric, and is almost gone now.
Along with the excitement of Mail, Biggest Loser's finale, and sewing, My little Emerson came for a visit. TJ came too, but avoided the camera like the plague. I am glad Emerson can't run!!! I just have to share some of my newest photos of her. These were taken just after I fed her cereal and a bottle. The girl likes her food!!!!We shared stories back and forth....she listened intently until she had something to say.She ooooooed and aaaaaaaaahed and used her hands to animate her story the entire time.Then she would notice those animated hands and stop to look at them for a moment.Then she would talk some more.Oh, she also found her tongue.....see.....After a while, she was ready for her nap. She always likes something over her face when she sleeps. She will turn her face into a blanket if you don't give her something to half cover her whole head!"Enough with that camera, Grandma. Let a girl get her beauty sleep!!!"She slept most of her nap with her little hand up in the air..... I think that is enough excitement for one day, don't you???
Hope your day is blessed!!!!!


Sue said...

Great pictures and lovely purse and accessories...wonderful job, Winona!

I know you'll really enjoy those, Bren.

Now get to work! LOL

Cindy said...

we have to get these girls together.
Zoey won't be over again until Christmas Eve. Busy day for everyone.
hey speaking of Jillian, did i ever loan you my jillian dvds? i am looking for them and can't find where i placed them. one day they shall appear!!! being forced to clean tonight as new toliets are installed tomorrow. hey! hope to see you soon.

Milah said...

Wow! Winona Rocks!
And Emerson's a cutie pie!

The only thing that would have made The Biggest Loser better, would be if Hebba did not take home the 100,000. I did not appreciate the way she treated Phillip or Amy. They were the sweetest couple with such gentle spirits and they did not deserve the treatment they got from Vicky and Hebba. One thing for sure is Amy was stunning last night. She's beautiful inside and out!

Ace said...

Oh my goodness gracious Bren, that baby is so sweet I could just eat her up! Beautiful! Oh, The Princesses are so big, I need another baby.....

LOVE THE PURSE, your friend is really talented. I have been thinking for awhile of making one for myself because I can never find exactly what I want. Does she use a pattern or just do it by the seat of her pants (which is the way I sew :)

Many Blessings :)

Mountain Mama said...

Hello My Friend!
It has been awhile since I have checked in on you. (been out of town)

You have been busy. And that little Emerson is a dolly. Those cheeks look so yummy!!


Donetta said...

There is a little something on its way to you...
I hope you like it.
Be Blessed and warm.

Rose Marie said...

Emerson is just adorable and how can we tell that she is Grandma's little girl?

moreofhim said...

What a fantastic purse and accessories! My goodness - I know I'm not supposed to covet, but . . . . lolol

What precious pictures of that precious baby! Just darling!

I love that fabric, too! Very pretty. I watched "Biggest Loser" for the first time last night. I didn't realize the girl who slipped was mean. I haven't followed the show at all, so have no idea what's going on. I think I'm going to watch it next time, though!

God bless you!!

Love in Christ ~ Julie

meggie said...

Lovely gifts from Winona! She is a clever lass!
I just adore the photos of Emerson. My brother liked a cuddly rug when he was a baby, & it really was his best friend. When my mother washed it, he would cry under the clothesline until it was dry- if he discovered it!