Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Into Fall Quilter's Giveaway

Click HERE to see the Winner!!!!
It is a sunny crisp 48 degrees F here this morning. What a perfect day to celebrate Fall!!! I am taking part in the Fall Into Fall Quilter's Giveaway and here it is.....A Fall Table Topper. I am sure my regular readers guessed I would be giving this away. It is hand quilted and measures 20x20 inches. Perfect for any table. I feel like the announcer on a game show....Here let me model it for you.....And the back....I LOVE the look of dense hand quilting on the back of a project.Soooo....what are the rules to win??? There are none. Just leave a comment on this post and I will draw a winner on October 15th. You do not need to be a quilter to enter, nor do you have to have a blog. If you do not have a blog, please leave your e-mail address. ALL international readers are welcome to enter. My comments are set to Google account holders only...no anonymous comments, but a google account is free and easy to get. Just click on the "Sign Up Here" link at the end of the comments.
Now here is the bonus.....
Click on the scarecrow and you will find a list of more than 30 other quilting bloggers doing a giveaway. They will be posted by Oct. 1st and all will be drawn on Oct. 15th. I can not say they will not have different rules to their drawings. Now go surf those giveaways....after you leave your comment here!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chatting Over Pie

I am feeling much better after my "ordeal" on Thursday. I am not good with the dentist. Thursday I go back for some work on a crown, but as long as I am leaving with all my parts, that is fine. My sinus issues are calming down too, so I feel better than I have in weeks. A stiff jaw, is nothing compared to intense pain!!I have spent a bit of time quilting this past week. I got all the hand quilting done on the fall table topper. I am pleased with it. I have the binding made and ready to put on. Tomorrow, I should be able to mark it "finished" on my list of New Years Eve Challenges.My neighbor went to the apple orchard and brought me a bag of apples, perfect for a pie. I came home from church (which was awesome!) and got my pie crust recipe out, and all my tools ready.No Kitchen Aide mixer here, so all my tools are very basic...I am the same in the kitchen as in the sewing room. Old fashioned basics.This is what I found when I went to the pantry for something.....That Zachary and his rubber bugs and snakes!!!!!

I got over my shock and rolled out my pie crust.
I use the "roll it to the middle" trick to move it to the pie plate.... It works well. Do you have a trick to get the dough from the rolled out stage to the pie plate?I simply mix 3/4 c sugar, 2 TBS flour, 1/2 t. cinnamon (I use a little more) and 1/8 t of nutmeg in with my sliced apples.

The top crust of my pie always looks ugly....I cut some shapes out of the left over dough and decorate over my mistakes.The kids LOVE pie crust cut outs. I just sprinkle a little sugar on them before I bake them up. That way there is no waste!I am terrible at cleaning as I go, but I really try. Today the mess is cleaned up and the pie is in the oven for dessert tonight.It feels SOOOOO good to want to bake and do my routine chores. I look forward to serving a nice dinner to my family tonight and the pie will be a bonus! A couple of Blog-worthy announcements.....Calling all QUILTERS!!!!!

There is still time to join the Quilter's Giveaway scheduled for Oct. 1st and drawn on Oct. 15th. Debi is doing a very GENEROUS drawing for all those involved. You do not have to make something. It can be a book, a charm square pack, notions....anything quilt related. Let's have a successful 1st giveaway. It is all about giving....click on the scarecrow to join!!!

Also...all members of the Eating 2 Live community....
Where are you??? You must be eating pie!!!! Really, lets leave some comments. There is no tracker there and I know most of you are reading, but lets encourage each other. This is a closed community, so if you are not a member and want to be, let me know and I will send you an invitation. No particular fitness/weight loss program is used. We all do "our thing" and encourage each other along the way.

Finally, I want to mention my journey with 1000 Gifts.
I have had such a wonderful experience in this blog based journal. It has been such a joy. I encourage any of you who have trouble keeping a hand written journal to consider doing a daily gratitude blog. My 1000 Gifts blog "The Offering Of Thanksgiving" has been a wonderful source of communication with God. It starts each day for me and I am better for it! Let Ann know if you join. You can do that by clicking on the above banner.

Now, I know you are all going through Emerson withdrawls!!! I will end this post with a pic of Emerson and her Great Grandmother....TJ calls her "Old Grandma"!!! I love it...when she is here, he calls me "New Grandma"!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Recycled Post

I was just informed that a re-post will not show up in bloglines or RSS feeds, so this is to let you know the previous post, a re-post from last year, was put up today. Clear as mud???

Friday, September 26, 2008

Loss of Wisdom

I haven't lost any of the good kind of wisdom...just a wisdom tooth! 3 vials of novacaine, more than a dozen injections, a sweetheart of a dentist, and a big baby (me) who needed her Mommy with her, and I am one sore puppy! This is on top of my regular pain from grinding and clenching....I bit the wooden q-tip in half with, what I thought, was my "normal" bite. I was told I need to "relax"....I think I need more wisdom! Day 2 is better, but all I want to do is lay. Not a total option today, but I am hoping to get a little down time later. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

As beautiful today as you were back then!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day With The Grandchildren

So bare with me...I have a slew of photos of my Grandchildren!! Yes, I am one of those!!! I have an online brag book!! Isn't Emerson beautiful???? I am just smitten with her! She has such a fun personality too. She was napping quite nicely when all of a sudden a little grin appeared...The next thing you know, she is full fledged, open mouthed, smiling.....Oops...it must have been gas....Some cuddle time with Grandma will make it all better!! (that is not what it looks like)TJ and the kids played outside and got filthy dirty, but had a great time. At one point I had 8 kids in my backyard. We did school this morning and finished it all except Science. TJ joined us for our "My Body" project. (Charlotte will do hers tomorrow...she had a rough afternoon)
I was really proud of Zach...he really dislikes coloring and he did a great job and his cutting was perfect. Today we did the brain and the heart. Zach already had his brain from last week. Next week we will do the kidneys...I think.
Once Emerson was up and fed, she needed some brother love...TJ is so good with her. He will stop whatever he is doing, run over and kiss her and give her a "pat" and then go right back to his play.
Paw Paw came home and got in on the action...After dinner, I read them a story, gave TJ a quick bath, put Emerson in her jammies (I insisted Rachel take a break) and Emerson and I had a nice little visit.Both kids ready for bed....I am thinking Emerson was not thrilled about that. Once in her car seat, she made herself clear.She calmed down very quickly, and both grandkids were sent home WIDE EYED and raring to go!! Not sure if all the marshmallows I gave to TJ had anything to do with that.
If you read my last post, you know I took on the challenge to finish 5 projects by New Years Eve. HOW in the world am I going to do that if I cuddle grandbabies all day??? Oh, well...it was not wasted time at least!!
I am truly blessed!!!!

New Years Eve Challenge

I have joined the New Year Eve Challenge over at Finn's blog!! I chose 5 quilting projects that I will get finished by New Years Eve! My plan is to get these all done and try to add MORE. I have a list in my head, but since I need a list in writing, I will show my 5 here.
OF COURSE there is Emerson's quilt. This is in the hand quilting stage and is about 1/2 way done if you count the borders and sashing.Then there is this 20x20 fall table topper. It is just a flimsey and will need to be marked, basted, hand quilted and bound.There are the 24 9 patches to complete for a swap....I am WAY behind. I need to do 2 sets of 12 and get those out. They are not even cut yet...sorry Linda. I am making them a priority!Actually those top 3 are a priority and I hope to cross them off the list FAST!
Next is a table runner. It is cut, but needs to be pieced, marked, basted, hand quilted, bound, and sent off.Last is the BIGGEST challenge of them all. The Pink and Brown. It is in the hand quilting stage and is about 1/4 quilted. It is queen size and has the most tedious design ever created. I plan to get it quilted and bound and on my bed by New Years Eve. I am sure I will add more to this list, but it is a big list considering it is all hand work...minus the 9 patches.
Have you joined the challenge????