Monday, December 15, 2008

Nothing Exciting

Life here has been pretty quiet. I had 5 1/2 hours to myself on Friday! Sweetheart took the kids to Chicago to pick up Bud and the traffic was awful. Kyle did come home during that time, but he grabbed his Jethro bowl of cereal and headed down to his "digs". I did not accomplish everything I wanted to, but I did get some cleaning, sewing and some down time in.
Saturday night we had Bunco at the church...well not IN the church, but in the house next door owned by the church.My mom and Rachel went....they both LOVE Bunco!It was our Christmas party and they had loads of food and a grab bag. It was fun!
Sunday I watched HOURS of the Biggest Loser was season 4, which I had missed. We finished up today and watched the finale over dinner tonight. I think Zach is hooked!The finale for this season (season 6) is on live tomorrow night. You can just KNOW what I will be doing....I am rooting for Michelle! OK, so I have a lame life right now. That is just fine!
I have my own Biggest Loser competition going on here. Zach has joined in on my workouts...look at him go!Sweetheart built me that step a while back so I could do step aerobics. It is heavy, solid and has a nice carpet on the top. Zach used it for push ups and I have to admit, it is a great idea! Jillian would be proud of him!!!! Did I mention I LOVE Jillian??
The kids are doing well in school. Everyone is relatively healthy, and we are staying warm. It was a whopping 8 degrees today, with a wind chill well into the below zero range.
Hopefully I will have more interesting things to share soon. I can not share my sewing projects just yet, as they are not received by everyone.
Have a blessed day and remember.....


Andrea Cherie said...

Step aerobics! What fun!...Ive been on a search for an affordable pilates/yoga or step aerobics class to join. I took all those in college and LOVED them! Just had the urge to be part of a class again...would be good for me!

Milah said...

My husband just asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I think I'm going to show him the step your husband made. Great idea!

Donetta said...

Good Morning! Something in the mail is on its way to you. Keep an eye out. I better get to work around here.
Love ya!

Winona said...

I love the stepper your dh made. I am looking forward to the Biggest Loser tonight too. We are getting a snow storm, so I sure hope it comes in tonight. I might just cry if it doesn't come in. LOL Hope you are about done with your Christmas projects. I am getting closer. Take care, friend.

em's scrapbag said...

Quiet peaceful living, what a wonderful thing. Enjoy your Christmas season.

Guðrún said...

Oh yes we can´t show anything now, everything is a secret. Zach´s idea is great.

Gail said...

Yay!!! Another Biggest Loser fan!!! I love the show and was also rooting for Michelle!