Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mary Kay Moments!

You have only a few hours to enter the drawing for the Fall Into Fall Quilter's Giveaway!! If you have not already done so, click here to leave a comment that will enter you. Since I have had so many enter, I decided to add to the drawing....I will also be giving away 10 Fat Quarters in a variety of browns and a Debbie Mumm "Blessings" pot holder....how could I pass up something that says "Blessings"????? I also will be drawing for these gorgeous Fall fabrics (2 yards, total) I bought just last week. I will include a Debbie Mumm "Blessings" pot holder with this as well as with the Table Topper.I want to give a great BIG Thank You to Debi for putting this all together!!! She is planning a Winter Giveaway too, so if you missed participating in this one, you will get another chance. It IS better to give, than to receive!!!
Check back tomorrow for the winners!

Now I can not post something without sharing my Grandbabies.....Here is a conversation I had with TJ the other day....
Me (sing-song yelling from downstairs): Teeeeeeee....Jaaaaaaaay....Where aaaaaare you????
TJ (yelling from upstairs): I don't know Grandma
Me (now looking up to him): Were you in my bathroom???
TJ: No, I not, Grandma
Me: TJ....I think you were in my bathroom!!
TJ: NO, I not, Grandma.
Me: Are you sure you did not get into Grandma's make up?????

TJ: No, Grandma, I am not gedden in your makeup!
He is such a pistol, that one!!! One thing for sure....he is very good with his sister!!
Who, by the way is looking nothing like a newborn....she is 4 weeks old today!!


Kimberly said...

Oh, Bren, those kids are adorable!! I can't believe how big Emerson looks there!

Andrea Cherie said...

Oh what an ornery little guy! So cute though! Four weeks has flown by! Emerson is beautiful!

GrammaGrits said...

What cute grandbabies you have - almost as cute as mine, almost! The giveaway is wonderful. Bless you for doing it, and add my name!!

Debi said...

Wow, TJ is so cute, and Emerson is a living doll. I am sure you are enjoying every moment spent with them.

Brenda said...

That TJ is a cutie. Did you show him his face in the mirror? You are right. Emerson does not look like a baby any more. She looks like a little dolly.

Copper's Wife said...

How funny!!!! He's a doll, though, just the same!

meggie said...

The weeks go far too fast!
I laughed at TJ's makeup! So funny.

Emerson is just beautiful~ still!!

Marilyn R said...

Wow! Time sure flies. Emerson is already 4 weeks old and soooo big! Love the photos!

Winona said...

So glad TJ wasn't in your bathroom using your makeup. LOL What a cute picture. Show that to him in about 10 years. LOL Emerson is changing from a newborn into a beautiful little girl. Your grandkids are so cute.

Angie said...

ROFL!! That is just hilarious! What a cutie pie! Little Emerson is adorable! I would love to adopt these cute little pumpkins!