Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girls and Boys

Raising girls is VERY different than raising boys. OY!! Boys, in my humble opinion are much easier. What you see is what you get. Not too many layers. They get over things easier and they roll with the punches. Not as emotional. I am very emotional. A typical girl. Charlotte is hitting that age where emotions are coming to a new level. Now, she is not the norm, considering the attachment stuff. That alone stifles normal emotions that children have...sad, mad, glad, scared...they all look the same in an unattached child, though I would no longer call Charlotte "unattached". Now throw in hormones! YIKES!!! No details, but we are dealing with some "girl stuff" here. I remember when my boys were pre-teen and the girls started to like them. It was no big deal. They were not interested. Now with a daughter, it is a whole different ball game. This boy crazy thing is just a stage, right??? PLEASE say, "Oh yes, this is will pass quickly!"

Also, raising Zach is different than raising my older boys. He is a poster child for what happens when babies are exposed to drugs. His frustration level is very low. Common thing in kids who suffered drug exposure in the womb. Yesterday was that kind of day. Finally he got his sense of humor back and gave me a "smile".Very funny Zach....see...he "got over it".

I spent the rest of the day deep cleaning my bedroom. I put flannel sheets on my bed and boy was it cozy warm!!!

Then the kids and I made peanut butter cookies. We doubled the recipe which was a great math lesson!
I spent some time working on the Pink and Brown.....It is back on the strict program after seeing this picture!!!!
Will these blocks never cease????Charlotte played out in the leaves with a friend and TJ, who stopped by for a quick visit, and Zach played like nice boys do.Hey!!! Where did that screwdriver come from??? Grandma took that back quickly!

Today is more homeschool, housework and later I will help Rachel as she finishes TJ's quilt she made. Speaking of quilts, I found a new pattern I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! It was in a post over at Em's Scrapbag. It is called "Harvest Sky" and I found out she designed it herself. She is testing the pattern and I will be first on the waiting list to buy it!!! I have the perfect fall colored fabrics to use in it. I am crossing my fingers that she has it ready to sell soon! I love it so much I want to marry it!!!!! OK, so I have been hanging out with Ruthann over at "Warm Pie, Happy Home" You should pop over there too and sign up for her great blogoversary giveaway. I always feel like I had a nice visit with a good friend after I leave there. I hope you feel that way here, too.


Cindy said...

yeah, girls are harder than boys from birth. 2 of my girls would be considered "normal" but i know the truth! my 2 boys were easy and still are. so why did i adopt 2 girls after my 2, crazy! need challenges in my life! now a granddaughter will be here Monday! something about those eyes and dimples and stubbornness and emotional challenges that must be appealing!

Sweet P said...

I agree with you boys are easier to raise than girls. I raised three boys. I lived with a man for a while who had custody of his daughter. She drove me crazy (and at that time she was 5 - 6 years old).

The cookies look yummy! I hope your family enjoys them.

the voice of melody said...

Hi, I came here from Warm Pie, Happy Home. You have a very cute blog!

I have a little boy, so I'm sorry I can't help you with any advice as far as raising girls. Other than pray for the Lord to give you wisdom, of course.

Great job on the peanut butter cookies, they look delicious!

Many sweet blessings!

em's scrapbag said...

Boys and girls diffenately different. My hubby was thinking that our DD would be a tom boy with three older brothers. Not happening. She is 100% girl. Pink everything and she can not have enough dolls.
Thanks for your nice plug for my little design. I will get it to you soon. I promise.

Marilyn R said...

Bren, your pink and brown is going to be soooooo beautiful when you are finished with it!

Andrea Cherie said...

I'm jealous of your flannel sheets...I bought some last winter when Jason was out of town one night. That's the most I've ever gotten to sleep on them. :( I need to figure out how to make "half and half" sheets so we can both be temperature happy!

Andrea Cherie said... parents made my sister and I do Dr. Dobson's Preparing for Adolescence, it was a good thing for both of us. (Ok, so they did bribe us by paying us $100 at the end of it all which was ALOT to a 10 year old!)Just an idea for you two to do together?

The Quilting Pirate said...

I so agree with raising boys and girls are soo different....after raising 2 boys and 2 girls, boys are soo much easier, except the potty training parts :)

Yah for flannel sheets! We put ours on last week and I just love them!! Fuzzy warm!

OOOOoo peanut butter cookies!

Beautiful work on pink & brown!

Guðrún said...

The pink and brown is going to be beautiful. Girls and boys are different. Boys easier or not, well that is a question???

Julie said...

Ok, let's just get through this boy thing together! Karly is the same way. :) Does Charlotte have boys following her yet? Everywhere I go boys are following Karly. GRRRRRR!

My Jonathan (2) always finds the screw drivers. He likes to "fix things"! LOL