Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Awana Kids

The tree in my front yard is changing colors. Fall is truly here!! Yesterday was Sweetheart's day off and he spent most of it working outside. It was wet and cloudy in the early morning, but the sun came out and things dried out quickly! He was able to do a last mow of the season.He also cleared out the garden.........except for the pepper plants which survived the frost and are still bearing fruit (or veggie).I spent my Wednesday puttering around here. I needed to get Zach's "Sparks" award sewn on his little vest for Awana group that night.It was about the only real sewing I did yesterday! Zach is SO proud of his accomplishments.Last night he earned his wings AND TWO jewels....that is alot.Pastor Paul (his leader) told me that Zach corrected him on the scriptures twice last night. Pastor Paul was using words the kids would understand better....for example, he replaced the word "wise" with "smart". Zach would have none of that! He told Pastor Paul the word was "wise", not "smart". I told Pastor we use the words "wise" and "wisdom" ALOT here (you can be smart and not wise)....he got a kick out of Zachary!!
Charlotte is in the "Truth and Training" or as they call it "T&T" group. She is more interested in the games and treats, but is finally picking it up and earning her badges. She had studied so much this last week that all the kids (there are 16 in her group) wondered how she got through so much so fast. It was a confidence builder for her and she can now see that mom was not just mean, but actually knew what she was talking about!!!TJ LOVES THE CUBBIES!!!!!!When I picked him up, he was waiting at the door with his coat on! We spent time last night tracing each 3 year old's outline onto roll paper and hanging them on the wall. We are learning about how God created us and we will do the "My Body" book on a smaller scale. They all loved it!
Of Course, my little Emerson is not yet ready for Cubbies, but someday Grandma will pick her up too.This picture is from last week. I look old and haggard!! It was the day of my root canal....I was still numb. I am feeling and looking much better! At 3 weeks old, Emerson has gained 17 ounces and grew 1/2 inch!!! She is, in my son's words, "the size of a newborn TJ!" When I dropped TJ off last night she was wide eyed and needed a 5 minute visit with Grandma. She does her little "cheerio" mouth and goes a little crossed eyed while totally focusing on your face. Her eyebrows go up at the sound of your voice and she is very intent in listening to every word cooed at her! She is such a miracle to me...a granddaughter. God is so good!!!!
One more thing I did yesterday.......I had not bought any fabric in "I can not remember when". That is an actual time, you know! I found these gorgeous, muted toned, fall fabrics. I am planning a table runner or topper with them. Not sure yet. I also found, on the 1/2 off rack, this wonderful golden mustard/yellow tie dyed combo. It is SO soft!
I bought 5 yards. It will make a wonderful back to a cover up quilt....maybe the log cabin I am plotting. I was excited to learn the owner of the fabric store was planning on stocking some hand quilting supplies and asked me what I would like to see there. She is ordering my favorite hand quilting needles, and some hand quilting threads. WOO HOO!!! It is difficult to find hand quilting supplies in a store any more.
Today, I will homeschool, homemake, and hand quilt! It will be a glorious day!!!! I pray yours is just as wonderful!!!!!


Milah said...

That is too funny about Zach. True Wisdom is seeing things the way God see's them. I think Zach is growing in wisdom. WooHoo!

It's nice to see Charlotte's confidence growing. God is good.

I'm going to be mowing today as soon as the grass dries off. I hope you enjoy your day!


SuBee said...

The best cuddles are small ones, amen! There's something magical about "granddaughters", don't know what exactly. Is it the connection that keeps running down generations after the boys have wandered off? She'll be your friend for life!

Coleen said...

Please tell Zach and Charlotte that I'm very proud of the two of them. It's too funny (but I can see him doing it) about Zach correcting Pastor Paul.

Love the fabrics!!!

Niki RuralWritings said...

I had Jon's girlfriend in my Awana's class when she was 8!
So great to see the kids enjoying it, it's a great program.

Love the fabric. I've spent the last couple of hours cutting out an endless amount of flying geese...will it ever wrists are getting sore!

Hugs to you!!

Copper's Wife said...

Yee haw for Zach and Charlotte! Isn't it wonderful to meet proprietors that actually care what their customers would like to see. It's a delightful change from the "big box" stores that don't care to know their customers.

Frost? You've had a frost???? Oh, my. Our overnight lows are still in the 50's.

Sue said...

The fall fabrics are great! As are the pictures of all of the kids.

One Christian Mom said...

First, I have to say, I truely love your writing style. You have me smiling with you, laughing with you, occasionally (but not today) crying with you, and most importantly "hearing" what you have to say. So many blogs (probably mine included) is just a string of words to read, you understand what the writer is saying, but no emotion is incurred. With yours, I truly FEEL what you are writing.

That said, your kids should be so proud of themselves! Awana seems like a wonderful program, I wish we had one here. They are probably learning more scripture than me :-) Their mama should be proud as well for instilling the values you do. The baby is adorable, and I am glad you are feeling better.
God Bless you and your family!

Andrea Cherie said...

No, I don't have any other quilt posts yet. I have completed one very basic top, and have taken pictures of it...but haven't gotten around to posting about it. Maybe that will be the topic tomorrow!! I am slowly learning, and will hopefully get to where I can make beautiful quilts like yours!

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Way to go Charlotte and Zach! Good job! Bren, glad you are feeling better. Good for you for taking TJ to Cubbies. Emerson is just adorable. Look at all that hair. My Jak doesn't have near that! It has been wild and crazy around here but I had to stop by and say "hi"! :)

Donetta said...

Wow the kids are doing so well. I am so happy that your seeing the fruit of all that hard work.:)