Monday, October 5, 2009

Honey Crisp and Flannel Sheets!

It is officially Autumn and boy can you feel it in that crisp, cool, air! We have Honey Crisp apples from Lane's Country Market in the bowl, and flannel sheets on the bed! Yep, it is fall.I even have beautiful new fall themed towels and pot holders, thanks to Joann!!!! Aren't they pretty! I was saving them for Thanksgiving, but yesterday, I just could not help myself and I put them out!
Another wonderful thing to do in the fall, is to curl up with a quilt! Mine happened to be in a hoop with a needle and thread attached to it, but that is the BEST kind!!!I am soooooo close to the end and I really pushed myself this past weekend to get it done. Sadly, I did not make it. I have 1 more basket and 2 more setting triangles and then the 4 corners. Two days work if I can get my fingers to cooperate. Yesterday morning this is what they looked like....
Both my index finger and middle finger have a nice callous (perfect for hand quilting), but my index finger was pretty sore. I decided to rest it for the day and only used my middle finger. Here is what it all looked like at bedtime....
I pretty much dug a hole in my middle finger. Today I will start a callous on my ring finger. I only use my ring finger to quilt(this is the hand under the quilt) when my index and middle finger are too sore. Usually only near Christmas when I am meeting a deadline. Just one day will have my fingers healed nicely, but I can not waste a full day at this stage. No need to share any tricks on preventing this....I have heard them all and I am one of those quilters that NEEDS to feel that needle with her skin. It gives me control over the stitch and is very worth it all.
I also finished another little top on my Christmas gift list. Now I have 4 ready for the hoop. I am going through thread like crazy and was thrilled to find my favorite hand quilting thread at the new Acorn Quilts. The owner kept her word and had my thread and needles in stock. I bought a cone of YLI holding 1200 yds for only $8. That should last me a while!!
I am starting a new diet today. I know...I hate that word too, but what else can you call it? A life style change? That would mean changing my life, it is a diet.I won't bore you with it all, but I want to lose some weight before surgery. I have decided to have it in early January. My mother in love is having a, much needed, hip replacement on Oct. 20 (prayers are appreciated) and Rachel may be having a procedure done soon also. Being available to help them is important. I am more than comfortable and since I host Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, I believe after the holidays seems more logical. Then I can get babied for as long as I can drag it out!!!!
The girls have crochet class this morning from 10-12 and Zach and I will work on catching him up from last weeks sick days. We so appreciate your prayers and good thoughts for Zachary. He has made a full recovery, though he gave that virus to his Daddy. I am praying it stops there and does not continue on.
Well, I am off to the showers and then it is time to wake the kids. Have a wonderful Monday...a new week is always a fresh feeling!


Debi said...

Ouch those fingers look sore! Good luck with the new diet, and I am cheering for you along the way. So glad to hear Zach is feeling better.

Crispy said...

Yep, my fingers look like that too, nothing worse than sticking a needle in one of those cracks. I'm glad I'm not the only one to have to use my ring finger in order to get something done LOL.

Oh yes, after the holidays will work great so you can prolong the pampering LOL.

Isn't is sweet of Zach to share, you must be a great teacher for him to learn this lesson. Have you set up the "No Kiss" zone with your sweety? I always do that when Bob gets a cold LOL.


karenfae said...

My thumbs and first two fingers on each hand look a lot like yours! I have never used my ring finger though. I to have to be able to feel the needle to quilt well and can't put anything on the underneath finger - I just have no control if I do that. I have some of that thread too - I use it a lot of hand piecing as it is good and strong. I have it in several shades. If my fingers get too sore I just have to quit for awhile until they heal.


DeNiece Barnes said...

Bren Joann sent me some towels too that I just love....She is a wonderful friend, which I know that you agree....Sounds like Fall is in full bloom at your warm and cozy home, I am so glad to hear that Zach is doing so much better and I will be praying for your hubby that he gets well soon. Also I will be keeping your family in prayer for all of the upcoming surgeries that God will give everyone a speedy recovery and a complete healing. Love you my dear friend

blushing rose said...

Yipes! Those fingers look ouchie, Bren. Love your new touches for your kitchen, they are very pretty.

Glad to hear Zach is better & hope DH perks back quickly.

I wish you could have seen this batch of feedsacks that arrived on Thurs. from someone new. I tell you, Bren, this past 6 weeks I've been so excited with the finds, you just can't imagine. And, rarely do we fine repeats which continues to amaze me!

Take care, my friend. Hae a great week. TTFN ~ Marydon

PS ~ You may wish to read this sad news ~

Angela said...

I use Preoeration H on mine. Doesnt make them not blister, but it does help with them being so sore. And makes people giggle when they see it with your sewing stuff. LOL

One Christian Mom said...

Bran, I also love honey crisp apples. we haven't had any yet this year, but I can't wait to go apple picking so I can get some :)
I am sorry about your fingers. For me it's crochet (I can't sew worth a dime), and by Christmas I have a hard time opening my fingers. It takes a few days, but they "heal" just fine :) God Bless!

Guðrún said...

I am glad that Zach is getting better. Your fingers look terrible but your quilting is great :)

Love Bears All Things said...

I've been considering flannel sheets this year. I've not had them since childhood.
I am the same about quilting. I have bought all kinds of thimbles. When I put one on, I use another finger instead of that one. It just feels awkward to me. I need to feel the needle, I guess, so my fingers look like yours when I hand sew or cross stitch.
Mama Bear

moreofhim said...

Oh, Bren. Your POOR fingers!!! You are truly a dedicated quilter!! I'm in awe.

I'm thinking it's time for the flannel sheets around here, too. I've pulled a lot of my fall decorating out, but have been SO tired, I haven't done anything with it. It's just sitting in a pile on my dining room table.

I'm so glad Zachary is doing better. I hope your hubby gets well quick and that none of the rest of you get it.

Your comment on my blog was SO sweet! I am very blessed and, honestly, I'm still trying to get used to having this beautiful studio to call my own! Silly, huh? Yes, it's definitely becoming quilt season and I've been dreaming about the things I can now do without having to put it all away each night. I have a cutting area, a table just for working on my fabric and my sewing maching is all set up in it's cabinet ready and waiting. I'm truly blessed. :)

You're an inspiration in so many ways to me and I just wanted to tell you that. I look so forward to coming by your blog and reading your thoughts. You're truly a woman who's family rises up and calls you blessed. (Proverbs 31:28) I do the same, my friend. :)

God bless you - Julie

Andrea Cherie said...

Bren, I'm so jealous of your flannel sheets. I bought some last year while DH was away camping one weekend. He came home and immediately made me sell them on Craigslist. Already once this fall I've wished for flannel sheets...but he can't stand them :(

Rose Marie said...

Ouch ... look at those fingers! My SIL quilts without thimbles too and she bleeds onto the quilt backings. Your quilting is coming along ever so nicely.

Flannel sheets ... I love them but they tend to make bumps after a few washings. What do you do to keep them soft?