Thursday, October 29, 2009

An Update Post

It has been a while since I did an update post, so here goes....
Sewing Update:
I am taking stitches in the frame quilt every once in a while. My push for quilting has faded and I am not really getting much done. I need to get going on the Christmas gifts if I am ever to finish them. I plan to make a couple more skirts and jumpers for Charlotte in the near future. She has little faith in me....I asked her why she had not washed her jumper. She told me she was afraid it would fall apart in the wash!!
Family Update:
Sweetheart's mom did well with her hip replacement. She is in a rehab and HATES it. Sweetheart said he will be surprised if she lasts the week....she is suppose to stay for 2. We appreciate all your good thoughts and prayers for her!!
Homemaking Update:
I am afraid my entire household schedule has been turned upside down since school started. Plus, Sweetheart is home and "bored" and wants to "help". Do those quotation marks make me sound sarcastic?? Good. They were meant to. I did manage to get the cupboards stocked today. They were bare!!! Even the large pantry is full and the frig is cleaned out (thanks to Sweetheart) and restocked! I was even out of eggs....that NEVER happens!

Diet/Health Update:This may be the reason for my waining enthusiasm for quilting. I am borderline diabetic at this point (if not all the way) and really needed to take charge of my health. I have that surgery coming up and want need to get my act together. I am eating 5 small meals a protein and one carb with veggies. No sugar or white starches, and only 1 whole wheat carb a day. I have been walking Ugly Betty (my treadmill) everyday this week and I have dropped 3.5 pounds since Saturday....not too shabby.
Kids & Homeschool Update:The kids are doing great. Charlotte has been wonderful the last week or more. Her anxiety has calmed WAY down and she is not acting out her trauma to any harmful degree. I am praising God for this and also for your prayers concerning her....don't stop!!
School is going well. We are reading The Captive Diary of Catherine Carey Logan during our read aloud time. The girls are just wide-eyed and opened mouth through each days chapters. They beg to keep going, but I always stop at a big cliffhanger!! Right now Catherine, age 13, who is being held captive by Indians in the year 1764, is sick with a fever and is certain she will not make it through the night. On top of that, she just found out that one of her captors is not Indian at all, and use to be "English" himself. He is her only hope in finding her 7 year old brother who was taken captive with her, but who is now missing......just as she is about to find out, we stopped for the day. Am I mean, or what????
Zach is not enjoying the story as much, but he is doing well in school and got all A's on his tests last week!!I promised him next time we would read a more "boy friendly" book.
Spiritual Update:God continues to grow me in ways that I was certain I had already grown enough in. I am in the midst of the "don't be a people pleaser" lesson. I have had to make some tough choices I please God or man? Of course, we say God!! Still, it is a lot harder than it sounds, and I find myself bartering with God...."For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ."
Galatians 1:10....that is all I will say on that!!!


Andrea Cherie said...

Only at home school can boys be boys and act like a suspension bridge while accomplishing school work! If I'm not mistaken, that's not the first time you've posted a photo like that of Zach!

Winona said...

Hi Bren, I have had such a slump in my quilting. I was so down that Kevin requested that I just step back from everything for a while. Now my days have all kind of run together, but I think I finished some machine quilting on pot holders last week. I have only hand quilted about 3 hours all week. Just having trouble getting motivated. I think I need to spend more time with the Word. Yes, I really need to do that.
Also, I now know that I am not only diabetic, but have an allergy to wheat. I have known for a while that when I eat lots of wheat products (especially whole wheat) that my joints just scream. Then I started noticing asthma like conditions after eating lots of wheat. The latest... I have been having huge blister like hives come up on my thighs, buttocks, and back. They itch intensely. You guessed, another symptom of a wheat allergy. I have been researching gluten-free recipes. I am going to do some experimenting. The sad thing is, this is hereditary and our daughter, Cathryn, is already to the hives stage. She went gluten-free and within a couple of days her hives cleared up and she could breathe again. She said she feels better than she has in years. She is only 27. She has been gluten-free for 2 weeks now. She says she can still have potato chips, so she at least has one snack she can eat. lol Sorry to go on and on. So great that you have lost weight. I really need to get with the program again. Take care, my dear friend. Winona

Sweet P said...

You are busy in so many ways! There seem to be a few of us who have misplaced their quilting mojo. Maybe we'll all get it back at the same time! Take care of yourself and enjoy life.

Niki RuralWritings said...

I know what you mean about the quiltling...I did get blocks cut for the cradle quilt, but am enjoying crocheting a new baby afghan more right now.....

Praying for your health,

Crispy said...

Thank you for the lovely update on your life Bren. I love the picture of Zach, looks real comfortable...NOT LOL. I'm just coming out of a short no quilting mood and very happy to be back into it again.


Love Bears All Things said...

Love your quilting frame.

I need to clean out my extra refrigerator and get ready for the holidays.

The book sounds very interesting. I always loved reading chapter books to my children.

Great news about Charlotte. Praise, sing Praise!
Mama Bear

blushing rose said...

So glad that Mom is doing well. How are you doing besides the pre-diabetes ... great weight loss, go gettum.

The kid-lings are so cute! Glad to hear Charlotte is going well.

You've been a busy one ... I finally got caught up on the dusting today ... ack!

Have a BOO-tea-FULL Halloween, my friend. TTFN ~Marydon

Alex said...

Thinking of you and your family today. We are staying in, watching movies and playing games.

Again, thank you for your testimony.

Blessings and prayers for you and your family today. :)

Mountain Mama said...

So glad to hear Charlotte is doing well. Will continue to pray.
Bonus to homeschooling: Do school anywhere and in any position. Love it!

ps thanks for thinking of our little guy. You are a sweet bloggy friend.

Angela said...

Still praying for your daughter. God has big things planned for her. Her testimony is great and will only get greater.