Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is My Thumb Getting Greener?

Is that a beauty or what? It reminds me of Easter and New Life. Speaking of new life... my garden is growing.

Here is my first bell pepper. It is small but there. I only planted these a couple of weeks ago. I was late getting them in and they already had flowers on them. I was afraid they might not make it. Maybe my thumb IS getting greener.

Here is one of the many large yellow blooms on my cucumber mounds. Larry the Cucumber will be making his apperance very soon.

Here are the green beans bearing a gazillion little purple flowers. I am not sure what that means but it sure makes my thumb look green!

And the tomatoes!!! There are little green tomatoes popping from the bazillion tiny yellow flowers. Now you KNOW my thumb is a true shade of green!!!
Ok, so the Bleeding Heart that hangs on my front porch is not bleeding any more. On a positive note, the little guy who sat too close to the stove has made a come back and it looks like he will make it. I will need to think of a special name for him. Any suggestions? Now to make me feel like a real gardener, I think I'll stay in the backyard with the vegetables and this:


Quilting Mama said...

Great pics of your garden, congrats on your green (and getting greener) thumb!

Joanne said...

Waaah - your garden is growing faster than mine! 'course, we're only waiting for the beans and the tomatoes this year.
Beautiful Easter Lily too.

Linda said...

I've eaten my first tow tomatoes from my plants. We planted 6 or 7 cucumber plants and they have gone wild flowers and cucumbers everywhere. I think the people at church will be getting cucumbers in the next couple of weeks.

Libby said...

Looks great! My cucumbers succumbed early on to some sort of cuke loving bug. At least the tomatoes look like they are going to make it this year.

Lily said...

Bloomin' lovely!

meggie said...

Beautiful green things! Growing & flowering & fruiting! Only my weeds are thriving...grrr.
We called those Lillies Xmas Lillies, as that is when they flower in New Zealand & Australia.

Hadias said...

Your garden looked great last year. Are you growing again this year. Please share pic. Let me know if you post some.

BTW, how did your veggies turn out?