Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Green Thumb

Ok, so I don't have one (a green thumb, that is). I don't even know the name of this plant. I only know I have not killed it. It even has new shoots of leaves on it and seems to like me. I have had it for several months and call it "spike". My daughter told me we should name the plants as they are living. We studied trees and plants in homeschool and the kids learned how plants clean the air and produce oxygen, so we ran out and bought some. Only one fatality so far. A little guy(no name) was set to close to the stove :( He is looking like he might not recover. I decided not to name him until we know for sure.
So it seems most quilters are also excellent gardeners. I love all the pictures of your gardens and flowers. We decided to plant a small organic garden out back this year. Just a few tomato plants, some green beans, cucumbers and some herbs. I planned on a couple of pepper plants, but never got them in. Is it too late?

The tomatoe plants are coming along nicely. That is Greta and Hilda in the back, and it think Olga and Charity in the front. The kids named them. I will need to cage them soon.

The green beans are coming along fine. Maybe they need to be thinned out. These were exciting cause we started with seeds. The onions really need to be thinned out!

You can see little sprigs of chives (or is that dill?) along the garage in the back of the photo. Our lavender and chamomile sprouted nicely in the house, but disappeared outside. The basil is poking through the ground though.
Something is eating the leaves on the cucmbers. Any ideas on how to take care of that organically would be appreciated. The green beans, cucmbers, and herbs have no names. We are not altogether nuts, though I will not be suprised to hear my 5 year old calling a cucumber "Larry". So there is the extent of my green thumb. I think I should put a thimble on it and call it a day!


QuiltingFitzy said...

Welcome to Blogland!

Don't know what area you're from, but the beans are still small, seems you could put in peppers (can you buy an already started plant?). I wouldn't bother to thin the beans, I used to grow them in a 1/2 barrel in my condo, lol. Or only thin 1/2 to see which does better!

Love your handquilting!

Quilting Fitzy

Joni said...

Bren I believe that is a Chinese Evergreen houseplant. They are an easy keeper. Not too late to put in pepper plants- go buy some nice looking ones at the store. It looks like your garden will keep you busy this year! Good luck. (I don't have any tips on the cucumber eating bugs.)

Quilting Mama said...

Not every quilter has a green thumb, I have a decidedly black one!

Ok, Bren, I got started. Do you know if there's a way to make a 'gallery' rather than posting an entry for each picture?

Libby said...

Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog . . . I surfed right on over *s* Good luck with your garden - I can offer NO advice as my plants all survive based on their own will to do so and no help from me. They must come from hearty stock to make it here *s* Something ate my cukes, too. At first I thought it was a bug - then last week I spied a bunny in my yard. I think he was the culprit. Love your hand quilting. I enjoy all forms of hand work but quilting is so satisfying. I often find myself smiling as I quilt.

Joanne said...

You had my lol today! It's not too late to get those peppers in -- ours are sitting out there not doing anything anyway! Everything looks great! Think the kids will eat Larry the cucumber?!