Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sewing Rooms

I just love to see how other quilters set up their sewing rooms! It is the place where our vision begins and ends. We plan, prepare, cut, piece, press, embellish, mark, quilt and hopefully bind the fruit of our vision. If not, then our sewing room is where we store another UFO. I was looking at Quilt Mama's blog and saw a picture of her sewing room. I have been to her house so I have seen it in person. It is to be envied. Seeing it got me thinking about my own sewing rooms. Yes, plural. I have had more sewing rooms than I have quilts! When I started quilting, my supplies lived on a shelf in the linen closet. I was a hand piecer, hand quilter, so this was ok. My sewing "room" was where ever I sat to sew. I then bought a $99 White sewing machine and felt I was officially in need of a sewing ROOM. I took an old kitchen table and set myself up in the corner of my bedroom. From there I ended up at one end of the family room. Somehow, my boys ended up sharing one of the 3 bedrooms we had in that house and I got my first room. It was Beautiful. I put wainscoat up and painted the walls hunter green. I had that same kitchen table but also a love seat for hand quilting and a little tv. The room was small, but to this day I remember it fondly.

When we moved in 2000 to this house, we had one child at home and 4 bedrooms. One of the main attractions for me was a corner room facing the east with 2 large windows. My dream sewing room. It was perfect and everything I could ever want. It lasted 5 months. We got a phone call that lead to my sewing room being turned into a bedroom for our soon to be daughter. Ok, so I still have another room in this house. It was a beautiful guest room. My niece who spent the night in it called it "the Little House on the Prairie room". It was sweet and cozy with an old fashioned lamp and bowl and get the idea. It doesn't matter because now it was a sewing room with a bed in it. It was a bigger room, but with one window facing west. I had that sewing room for under a year. The phone rang again and now my sewing room with a bed became a nursery. Now brace yourself. My sewing room then became that same kitchen table in a corner of my bedroom! That did not last long and I was relegated to an area in our unfinished basement. My wonderful husband tried to make it nice. He even hung old quilts to create walls, but there are spiders down there!!! I found myself bringing my machine (the same $99 one from 15 years before) up to the dining area and marathon sewing. If you are gonna bring all that stuff upstairs, you may as well SEW! FINALLY, last year we finished part of the basement and our mostly grown son moved down there. I had a ROOM again. I painted it a soft green and painted all my shelves white. I got rid of the kitchen table and got a desk from my mom. Hung some quilts on the wall and got a new sewing machine. Still a White, and still inexpensive, but it has needle down and that is all I need. The one window in the room faces west but it is the biggest bedroom next to my own. I tried to talk Charlotte out of her room and into this bigger one, but I have raised her to be sentimental and she opted to keep her original room with two windows facing east. I do have the treadmill dilemma. It is in my sewing room and I would like it out, but I am afraid I won't use it if I put it downstairs in the spider area.

The machine on the left is my $99 White. The White on the right is the upgrade.

Since I am new to blogging, I have not seen many sewing rooms. Melzie showed hers not long ago, and I really enjoyed it. Maybe you could share your sewing area. The picture at the top of the page is the desk I use as a sewing table and cutting table. If I get the treadmill out of here (you can see the white handle sticking out) I can have my handy husband build me a cutting table.

This is my grandma's hutch where I store fabric for soon to be quilts. Each stack of fabric has the book or pattern with it. My daughter keeps her current hand piecing project in here also. I store patterns, templates, small rulers, etc. in the bottom drawers.

The corner across from my desk is where I store my books. My library is not large but I love the books I have. The green clown on the shelf was given to me by my grandmother the day I was born. It was much loved.

The wonderful closet. A must for all sewing areas so you can close a door on the mess. I store bins of stash fabric in here. I plan to cut it all up into strips and squares under the guise of being organized! A friend on my list told me about the Scrap Users System I'll let you know how that goes.
Last, but not least, no sewing area is complete without a special quilt on the wall. This is a quilt done in a bee I use to belong too. I gave the fabrics, and 5 friends made 2 blocks each. I added 2 blocks and viola! These were my first Thimbleberry Fabrics and I bought yardage of the entire collection. I still have some in my stash and can find snippets of it in lots of other projects.
Think about sharing your sewing spaces. They can be very inspiring.


Linda said...

Bren after seeing your sewing room I'd have to clean mine first before posting photo' It looks like a bomb went off in there at the moment. But that will change by the end of the week, so that dd has a bed to sleep in when she comes home from school. It appears that you have a lovely "large" room, lucky you, and it's so tidy.....I take my hat off to you, being able to work and not make a mess......

Quilting Mama said...

I LOVE your sewing room. I have the advantage of having seen it in person and it's lovely and oh so neat!

Even straightened up I think mine looks cluttered...but I have so much for quilting and have learned to throw something away is to need it within the week.

Happy quilting!

Guðrún said...

My sewing room is so small that it only has space for the sewing machine and me, I like you have been around the house with my sewing machine.

Anonymous said...

I think your room is very nice! I would love a room like that. My sewing room is actually the den that I claimed as mine. I can't decorate it all quilty and cute though, because it's a common area. But I make do with it. With a 19 year old stepdaughter and my own 21 year old daughter still living at home, and no plans of either getting out, well, I just have to live vicariously through others!

Libby said...

Thanks for a wonderful tour. You have a great spot set up for yourself. I've given up the idea of a 'room' and have just taken over the house *s* Hubby doesn't complain - so it's all good.

Melzie said...

Oh I love the green walls, I want my bedroom that color :) plain white on all my walls. Thanks for sharing yours! I need to add your blog to my bloglines so I can for sure find my way back LOL. xoxo melzie

Pam said...

Nice to meet a new blogger. Welcome to the Q4P blog ring. Sounds like you have had a bunch of sewing room "adventures" You certainly have a nice one now. It's so nice to have a space to set up shelves and quilts and such. I just recently got a nice large room myself. I even bought myself a TV to go into it!!

Rose Marie said...

Gosh, your room looks like you have oodles of room to move around in. All the better to buy more and store more! That cabinet is looking just a tad bare. :o)