Saturday, November 1, 2008


Too soon??? Maybe a little, but I am always so thrilled that November is here! All the Oct. 31st stuff is done. There is alot of traffic here on the "Face of Trauma" halloween post in the past few days. I was surprised to see it had been linked to several other sites. I am relieved that there has been no negative responses associated with this blog post. Most people "get" what I am saying, but in looking at some threads on different forums, a few do not. They feel that if they stop celebrating halloween, that will not stop the horrible things that happen. People who do not "know" first hand can not grasp it. That is ok. It is making people think. I really appreciate your prayers for Charlotte, and I am certain they helped. There were some bumpy days and I know until Thanksgiving we will still struggle more than usual, but my God is faithful!!!!!
I did get a couple of cuties at my door begging candy bars.TJ is Thomas the Train and Emerson is a little kitten. Yes, my grandkids do halloween. And yes, I let Kyle hand out candy on the front porch for a short time every year. It is not my position to tell anyone what to do. My daughter in law and son do not decorate their home in a halloween fashion, for which I am grateful. They keep it light and actually until the day they do not mention halloween. We had our pizza party and watched a movie. The kids went to bed full, and was a positive evening for them. As I said....people need to make their own choice based on their own convictions. Mine changed out of necessity for my daughter. She knows that I love her and that she is least I pray she does.
I spent some time with my feet up and a good book in my lap....Amy sent this wonderful book to me. I am so thrilled with it. My mother, Kyle, and I have been to the Amish Community in Arthur, IL, which is the home of one of the families in the book. I think we will do a unit study of the Amish lifestyle. Thank You Amy, for such a generous heart!
I have taken on a new project....I will do a complete make over on the church library. It is pretty much non existent and there is not one children's book. Really, it is starting from scratch, which is an ok thing. It will be a project that the kids and I can work on together!

Today, I plan to clean and sew....I am making my Christmas list and getting an idea of what I can make instead of what I need to buy. Aprons, tablerunners, is all possibilities.

Whatever, you do with your Saturday, I pray it will be blessed.


Andrea Cherie said...

Although you didn't win my giveaway :( I do have something else :) I would like to drop in the mail to you...would you email me your mailing address?

cherie.sooter (at) gmail (dot) com

One Christian Mom said...

I am so glad that Halloween was not too traumatic for your little one. I think about what she went through every time I see decorations. Some of the "decorations" scare my daughter, and she never went through anything, let alone what your daughter went through!

We, too celebrate in a different way. I let the kiddos dress up in fun dress up clothes. We go to the mall where they have kid-friendly trick or treating. They screen costumes and don't allow the stores to decorate in violent ways. We also have a Harvest Festival at church, today actually. Always the day after - it's tons of fun for the kids, and it's centered around harvest time, not halloween. :-)

On a happier note - you've been tagged. Head on over to my blog to read about 7 things about me and you :-)

Sarah said...

Your "Face of Trauma" post made me really reflect on the point of celebrating Halloween, Bren. I grew up celebrating Halloween, just thinking it was a chance to have a party at school and aquire goodies. I had no clue that such sinister and evil things actually took place in America today. You opened my eyes. Emerson and TJ sure looked cute! I hope your family has a great weekend!

His Tender Mercies said...

I'm glad Halloween is over too! My kids are always asked about trick or treating or dressing up.....I think sometimes they feel like they are missing out on something. We considered letting them go this year, but decided against it.

I have to say though after being in the stores, my heart broke for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She saw some of those scary decorations & people trying on costumes & it really scared brought her to tears.

That really made me angry that my litte sweetie who so tenderly sings "this little light of mine" & "The B-I-B-L-E" couldn't even go into Walmart without having to be frightened. It made me decide I don't like anything about the day!

Thanksgiving is coming...lets Give Thanks to our wonderful God!

meggie said...

I am so glad we dont have Halloween here in Australia. The shops struggle to introduce it all, but in the main, people don't really want it.
Thankyou so much for your kind thought Bren.
I did think of you & sent some special thoughts your way for Charlotte, & the children.

Love Bears All Things said...

I watched an expo recently about a mother accused of murder on 20/20. They are supposed to do a follow up. What reminded me of you all was the info about PICA. The child had died of sodium poison from eating Cajun seasoning and the mother was accused of force feeding it to him. They talked a lot about the things children with this condition will eat. The self punishment of scratching themselves was also mentioned.

Your little "grands" are so sweet in their little costumes. And they are innocent costumes. I didn't see any that weren't at my door. Princess & Wonder Boy didn't come but I know that she was dressed as Hannah Montana with a wig, vest, skirt and tights. He was a knight. They may have gone to the church's fun festival instead of trick or treating. I think more and more families are doing that, now.
Mama Bear

Kathy said...

Bren, my hubby took us out for a special dinner on Halloween night. We had to be moved to another table because of the teenager that was wearing a HORRIBLE costume. It terrified my poor little Morgan. As we walked around the mall later, all the stores were handing out candy (which is fine), and we could not get over the awful costumes the children were allowed to wear, and the window displays. Another reason I'm glad for the choice we made last year. As we walked through the mall, I prayed for Charlotte and all the little ones who would experience the same trauma she did, and maybe more on Halloween night. How grateful we are that God rescued your precious Charlotte from that life. We continue to pray for her through Thanksgiving. She is indeed safe, and in GOOD hands.

Love to you, Kathryn