Monday, February 23, 2009

Fat, Frogging, and Friends

My update for the diet challenge is not good. That flu threw me back into a carb craved state...sounds like a good excuse, eh? Ok, we will go with that. I have gained 2 pounds, but am back on track and plan to share a more negative (scale wise) update next Monday!
We got blasted with snow again on Saturday. This is the view outside my sewing room window.It was finally gone. Now it is back. I am pretty tired of the white stuff and am looking forward to Spring.
Sunday was spent going to Sunday service and then having TJ for the afternoon. I hope he grows up remembering his Sunday afternoons with Grandma and Grandpa. Yesterday he spent alot of time on the computer. I was sewing on the machine and he wanted to be with me because, "It's much fun, Grandma."We had several wonderful little conversations. He sure is entertaining. So much so, that I messed up what I was doing!!!I started to attach another dark triangle on the opposite side of the square to make the square in a square blocks. After the 11th one, I realized that a light triangle needed to be there!! Next came a time of frogging (rip it, rip it!)
Zach came in to play with TJ and clicked the camera...he was taking pics of TJ and I never saw that one coming. He got my good side! The boys continued to play. Zach needs a haircut BAD! I was going to let it grow out, but I think I can not handle it! Guess where Charlotte is?? She was across the street shoveling the neighbors drive way!! They are out of town and though Sweetheart had snow blowed over there, the wind had again covered their drive with about a 1/2 inch of snow. She went over and cleaned it off. I was very proud of her!!
Sweetheart came in and took his turn on the computer...he is a FOX news addict and what do you think he was surfing for??? Fox News dot com!Finally, I completed the 56 square in a square sections correctly!Now I just need to sew the 9 patch sections together to form the completed block.
I promised to share some mail and a recent purchase. Here is the purchase. I love it! You know I keep my applique threads in a plastic zipper more!This wonderful case now keeps my threads all nice and neat! My fatter spools do not fit, but I plan to collect all Gutermann brand, so this will work.
As for the Friend mail, Linda sent me some wonderful homespun squares for the flowers on my applique border....RoseMarie, sent me her copy of a pattern I want to do.She even sent me her notes to help me along the way!!!She hole punched it and it is in my HMB waiting for the time when I create it...which will be Spring time since it is a Christmas gift!
Also, I received a surprise package from Nancy! I had sent her some pieces of fabric for a consolation prize and she made me this with some of it!! Aren't quilty bloggers wonderful??!! Always ready to share!I plan to use this to take my hand quilting supplies when I go out, which will be happening in just about an hour here. Charlotte has a crochet lesson and I take my quilting with. I better get ready to go!!!
I will leave you with this question that I challenged my children to ask every morning....
"What can you do this day to glorify God?"


Love Bears All Things said...

I'm trying "still" to get back to tracking my food points. I'm thinking this week is a good chance since there is so little food in this house.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who messes up and has to take out stitches. I hate it and feel so bad because I know if I would just be more careful, I wouldn't have to do it.
I like the little gifts you got through the mail and your thread holder.
Mama Bear

Donetta said...

That picture of you with the light in your hair is so beautiful. He captured peace and beauty. This is how he sees you?...
Keep warm in the midst of all that snow.
Love your thread caddy. Mine is all up on the wall. gets a bit dusty though. Gutterman is the best thread. A few years back I hit a fabric store shutting down got one of each (of what was left) color at 75% off, and it is a treasure.

moreofhim said...

That's a beautiful picture of you doing what you love to do! Your hair is so beautiful. I used to wear mine that way when it was long.

I'm laid up with a swollen knee. It's so frustrating having this arthritis! I wrote about it on my blog.

I want to get started on my quilting again, but haven't done anything! I'm so looking forward to doing that quilt with you. I will get started as soon as I can! I'm not much of a quilting friend, am I? :o(

Hope you get some warm weather soon!

Love, Julie

meggie said...

Sometimes I am glad I have stopped worrying about my weight. My daughter has just had a lot of tests because of her thyroid & a problem in her neck. I has had me really worried, but the news, though not perfect, is better than we dared to hope.
Little TJ looks to be very happy there, by Grandma's side!