Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring Fever

It is GORGEOUS outside!!! It is mid-50's out there and sunny! Ahhhh, I forgot how much I love to air out the house....Especially after having my house filled with this.....Bye, Bye all you flu germs!! And if the airing out does not quite do it, I pulled in reinforcements!!!Not my usual, environmentally safe, health friendly cleaners, but drastic times call for drastic measures. Poor Kyle was sick from 5:30 pm til 4:30 am. the other night. We were both up all night. At bedtime last night, Charlotte came down with it, but was no where as severe as me or Kyle. She is on the mend already and slept through the night. Prayerfully, we are done with this. Sweetheart and Zach seem unscathed. Today, Sweetheart is taking the opportunity to clean out his garage.Look at all the salt on the floor from the vehicles....
He will have it in tip top shape in no time. His basement is coming along great. He is to the first stage of mudding. The door way he created around that stubborn pipe looks fantastic!! He jutted the opposite side and now will not need to lose an entire wall to the built ins he had planned.
I have spent my day cleaning. It was baaaaad. Did not look all that bad, but I knew where all the dirt was. All surfaces got de-germed. My little table topper is perfect for the center of the table. Still not thrilled with what is on it, so I know that will change.Speaking of surfaces, this little desk was covered in papers and junk. It seemed a catch-all over the last few days. I cleaned it up and even emptied the pencil sharpener, which had not been working great. I guess that happens when you do not empty it when it is full....hmmmm.While we were all sick, we just laid around watching movies like this one....Too cute!!! And I have the vine almost completed on the Underground Railroad quilt. I am thinking all homespun flowers...I am excited to see this top ready to quilt. It has been a long time coming.
Mary asked everyone, "What is on your ironing board?" Well mine is loaded down with 1/2 square triangles.....Next will be square in a square sections and finally the end block assembly. I bought the silver pad for my board and am loving it. It does not fit, so I just lay it on top, but it does the trick. My iron does not get really hot and the silver reflects the heat back up. Perfect for pressing seams. What is on your ironing board?
I am off to do more laundry and enjoy another cracked window. Tomorrow will, again, be only a high of 30 something, so today is the day to enjoy!!


Andrea Cherie said...

It is 74 here today! I'm with you, open windows are marvelous! We spent the whole morning laying tile in the new Teen Challenge center here, what a perfect day to be in and out cutting & laying tile!

Susan said...

My mom in SC was saying it's in the 70s there today - I'm so envious! LOL It's in the 40s here, but the sun is shining, and in a place where it rains all winter, that's an added blessing. We'll take it!

Glad you're all on the mend!

Copper's Wife said...

My windows are open a bit, too. We have a lovely, sunny day, close to 60, after a couple of days of much needed rain. More rain in the forecast, too, yee haw!

Hey, when the germs invade it's definitely time to bring in the "heavy guns". Lysol, my friend, can be a very, very good thing!!

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ You brought out the same cleaners I had out. I am feeling much better but still so tired,not sleepy tired just worn out tired. You mentioned waiting paitently for my craft room to be done, well I am waiting not too paitently I worked in there for almost an hour today but just got too tired. I too love to open windows and air things out, our weather has been in the 60's and we need rain very badly.I had to laugh when you posted the picture of your husband in the garage, I wish my garage was in as good of shape and he was out there cleaning??? Hope everyone will be feeling better soon.
Have a great weekend.

Niki RuralWritings said...

We were mild here yesterday too, although not quite as warm as you were. We did have our windows open for a while, which felt great. Haven't seen "Horton" yet, I'll have to rent it. Today I hope to be making flying geese for Henry's quilt. I got most of his quilt top done last week.
Have a great Lord's Day, Bren,

Donetta said...

So glad your doing better. The quilt is beautiful, your sister is going to be thrilled!
Thank you for the tip.
It was the tap water! I killed the yeast!
Oh, new lesson learned . I love those lessons by trial. They tend to be remembered.
I have been doing some posting on the other blog.
Enjoy the fresh air.

Mary said...

I can't wait to see you rfinished quilt top! And I'm sooo glad everyone is feeling better. We have our windows open today (sunday), it's a high of 65 today! Woo Hoo!

Guðrún said...

I hope you are all well and getting over the flu.

Winona said...

Bren, I sure hope you all are recovering from the dreaded stomach flu. Also hope you enjoyed yesterday, cause it was back into the 20's here today. I know it is Feb., but I was so enjoying the 60*
temps. The basement is looking good. I think I am going to sandwich Savannah Star in a bit. Too bad we don't have a sandwich fairy to come do all that for us, huh? LOL Hope you have a good weekend. I will get back to blogging tomorrow. Just haven't felt like it this weekend. Winona