Friday, February 20, 2009

I Need a Break From My Break!

The Library project is much more work than I thought it would be. It is fun and fulfilling though. I love books and just going through and touching and flipping through them is pleasure. I was sitting at the Church library working, but decided I could get more done if I brought them home. Sometimes the building is not open when I am available and this way I can even work in the evening. I brought home a huge load of books yesterday....the ones above and these....I am now ready to take them back and get more. I would never have completed these in the couple of hours I could have been at the church. I have to go through each book and check for content, and decide if it is worth the space, which is limited. It is not difficult, as I worked for several years as a book buyer for a Christian book store and can pretty much tell by publisher if I need to check for content. For example Zondervan puts out some really great Christian books, however, they have been known to be pretty liberal with the content of their inspirational romance novels. Bethany House is one that never has a concern. See. Easy.
Next, I place a sticky envelope in the book which holds a card containing the code, author, and title. This card will be used for checking books out and in.There are several codes. S=Spiritual/prophecy, CL=Christian Living, W=Women, F=fiction, etc. This will determine which shelf in the library they are placed on. This code also goes on a piece of "miracle" (brand) tape on the spine, along with the last 3 letters of the author's last name. Once this is done, I box them up to go back to the church. I imagine there are about 600 books in all!The little kids have been a huge help. Zach spent the morning putting cards in the envelopes for me. Charlotte helps by cutting the tape into sections. I am hoping to have this project done for the March 1st service, but if not, there is no real time limit. That poor library has not been used in years. Now we have fresh books to add and a new system will hopefully give it a boost. I was shocked at some of the index cards in the books...the past system of check out. One of them had not been checked out since 1979!!!! I would say that book should be retired. I have already seen several books I want to read myself, and many more that Charlotte would love. I am sneaking a early read with this book. It is short and I can read it in a few hours...I am anxious to see what it says. The subtitle says, "One Simple Act That Will Dramatically Change Your Family's Future".
Sweetheart has been working on the ceiling in the new room downstairs. Like the library project, he has found this job to be more difficult than he thought. It is up as of this morning and now he will do the detail work.To stay in our budget, he created a drop ceiling out of wood and drywall. It really looks wonderful. He will need to router and stain the wood and paint the drywall. He already put in the light fixtures, which needed to be moved and re-wired to hook to a switch.They are 4 ft sections and form a 3x6 grid. He is anxious to get this part done. Then his fun begins. Painting, trim and carpet installation. He brought home 2 carpet samples...Everyone, except Charlotte picked the one on the right...she likes the one on the left.I have been quilting on my sister's quilt. She even called me this morning to see how it is going...she misses it, even though it was just a flimsey. I told her not to despair as it is now a "sandwich" and no longer a flimsey. She laughed at all the names of the different stages a quilt has.Well I had more, but deleted the pictures to show next time. This was a pretty full post! I have mail surprises and a purchase to share with you next time. Until then, have a blessed day!!!


Coleen said...

The quilt is looking goood! Can't wait to see the library after you've put in so much work. I'm glad you seem to be enjoying the challenge.

Andrea Cherie said...

Wow! What a project! I feel that way too~ I somehow thought it was time our church did another cookbook for our 35th anniversary this year and so I got put in charge of it. Duh Andrea. I've had to of choose a publishing company, collect all the recipes, decide on format, proof, etc etc... 450 recipes later I should have it all sent into Morris Press Cookbooks this next week. All I know is someone else can do the next one...woah I could be 35 or even 40 if we wait till the 50th anniversary. That's kinda crazy to think about! haha!

Winona said...

Bren, looks like you have been busy. Glad you and the kids are enjoying it. The basement is looking nice. Your dh is doing a great job. I am almost as anxious as your sister to see her quilt done. LOL Winona

Love Bears All Things said...

Glad you're back but you have been busy. I like the carpet on the right too.
Mama Bear

Mary said...

What a huge book project! Maybe if we did something similar, we would "lose" less books!
I love the ceiling, and tell Charlotte I vote for the carpet on the left also.

Are you hand quilting your sister's quilt? It's beautiful.

Kim said...

The Basement looks great.
I like Charlottes choice of carpet, it's easier to clean! I am too practical for my own good

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