Friday, July 10, 2009

Camp Pine Grove

What a week!! Every morning this week we hosted our church's VBS (Vacation Bible School) called Camp Pine Grove. It was a lot of fun for the kids and for us adults!
EDIT: I should mention my home was one of 7 which hosted neighborhood "Camp Pine Grove" VBS's....they were held at various times...morning (like mine), afternoon and evening. ALL of them were successful, with a total of more than 50 kids.
Monday, 5 kids showed up along with Miss Candy who did all the teaching and crafts. I only had to open my doors and provide the refreshments! I got the easier end of the deal ;)
Each day had a Bible verse and lesson along with a craft. Monday we planted seeds in cups that we decorated. The lesson was on sowing seed, of course.
Our verse was, "For the Lord is a great God and a great King." Psalm 95:3aTuesday we filled plastic crosses with colored sand. The kids loved that! We had 9 kids that day!
Our verse was "God made the world and everything in it." Acts:17:24aWednesday was a cool rainy day. We moved to the garage, which worked out fine. It rained ALL day. The guy on the daily video wore a slicker and told the kids it was raining where he was too!
The 7 kids make lunch bag puppets. Their verse was, "God made me and shaped me with His own Hands." Psalm 119:73
Thursday we had 10 kids, and we all made paws prints using our own finger prints! Zach loved his so much he slept with it last night! We stayed in the garage because it was so wet outside.Let me tell you, everyday those kids knew their Bible verses from the day before!! Thursday's verse was, "God even knows how many hairs you have on your head." Luke 12:7 Friday we woke to a thunderstorm that just kept going. Still, all 10 kids showed up...Along with a surprise guest....Kody Bear!!!It eventually cleared up, but the kids didn't care either way. They made door knob hangers and all brought a sack lunch for a special picnic afterwards! The verse for the day was, "There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God." Romans 8:38
The kids who knew ALL 5 verses won a special prize....most of them knew them ALL including my little 4 year old grandson TJ...he nailed them! In fact, if any one got a word wrong he "helped" them out!
It was a fruitful week...several of these kids made decisions to accept the gift of salvation. Others rededicated themselves to their Lord.
To God be the Glory!!!


Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ Sounds like everyone involved had a wonderful time. How nice of you to open your home for VBS.

Robin said...

WOW! What a fantastic week!

Winona said...

Bren, looks like a wonderful week for all the kids. I am sure they all appreciated being able to meet at your home. Winona

blushing rose said...

How wonderful the way you all set up VBS. Looks like everyone had a grand time. TTFN ~Marydon

Linda said...

What a great week everyone had, and so important the decissions that wre made.

Marilyn R said...

What a fun and productive week you had! The children have learned life long lessons.

Guðrún said...

I don´t know about the easier end of the deal, this must have been a lot of work for you too.

Love Bears All Things said...

Whew! I'm glad you cleared that up. I had pictured an entire Church VBC at your house. This is more my style. the last time I worked in Bible school, it was with 3 year olds. We had 35 in one room. Some were potty trained and some were not. Some had just turned 3 and others were almost 4. It was me, another adult and a teen. It was exhausting. Too many in one room.
I like that you had different ages because the older ones could help the younger. And the crafts were great. I know you were proud of TJ learning his verses.
Praises for the decisions made.
Mama Bear

Andrea Cherie said...

Sounds like a fantastic week, Bren! Awesome that HIS seeds are being planted in those children's hearts!