Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching Up

I thought I would do a catch up (semi-update) post as I am sure I will not be posting until after the weekend. It will be a very busy few days here starting tomorrow. I will start with the kids....
Charlotte came home from camp on Saturday afternoon. I met her at the church parking lot. I was there when her ride pulled in and she ran into my arms and immediately sobbed! That was such an incredible thing. She shared that she cried the first night cause she missed me and again on the last night as my perfume had worn off her pillow. Otherwise her time was fantastic. She had so many stories to share and she talked in 15 minute sentences for 2 days! I think she has just now gotten caught up on her rest!
She went a little heavy on the lip gloss there (it is the only "make up allowed yet)!! Still cute as ever. I love her hair in a shows all the highlights. She has so many natural colors in her hair.
My mom gave me some pics from their time at Cocokey. Here is Zach and Casey (my sister's grandaughter) in the "rapids".
Emerson and TJ were there for a few hours of water fun too!
The actual event was Casey's 8th birthday. Zach spent the night with them at the hotel. I had made Casey a quilt for her birthday....Sunflowers. I had made Casey a quilt 3 1/2 years ago...hand quilted friendship stars in purple and lime green. She loved it. I gave it to her at Christmas and the end of January she went to live with my sister. Her quilt was lost after that. The sunflower quilt was an old UFO from my "let's try machine quilting" days. I hate machine quilting so I rarely, if ever do it, and when I do it is baaaad. When I gave my sister her quilt at her birthday, Casey was reminded of her lost quilt.
This one fit the bill, as all it needed was a binding. Casey went to live with her father recently, though my sister gets her a couple weekends a month. She has had a rough start! I am glad the quilt made her happy.
As for other quilting, I finished hand quilting this little table topper and have the binding ready to hand sew to the back.These little 3" trees have been giving me FITS!
They are so darn cute, but they are not measuring out for me. I plan to conquer them next week!
All our plans for the Anniversary Open House are coming together. My Mother In Love bought us this beautiful outdoor rug for the deck. It is reversible. We are using the lighter side for the party. It looks very nice!
I am going to tackle my hardwood floors with this kit....In honor of Billy Mays (I loved that guy!)
Have any of you used this?
EDIT: After reading Christine's comment, I googled "Orange Glo Reviews" and found 3, 5 star reviews...they seemed to put up these reviews after using it one time. Then I read PAGES and PAGES of horrid reviews, all saying the same looked great the first day then it seemed to ruin the hard wood floor. They had to get on their hands and knees and remove the orange glo! There is even an e-book out there for sale on "How to remove Orange Glo" from your wood floors!! I will be taking the Orange Glo back to the are the reviews.
I lost Zach this morning, and here is where I found him.... He was sneaking some cartoons...not allowed...but the fact that "Back to the Barnyard" was on the TV instead of the normal Fox News morning show, should have been a dead giveaway!!
Thank you again for prayers for my mom, and may you all have a blessed 4th of July as we celebrate the birthday of our wonderful country!!
God Bless America!


christine said...

wanted to mention that while I have not used the Orange Glo product, I have heard horrible things about it.

I listen to a home maintenance type show on the radio and have heard many people call in with complaints about this product dulling their floors and not being able to get the shine back that they had previously had.

your floors have always looked wonderful in past photos and I'd keep up with what's worked for you before.

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ Love the little table topper at the top of the post, the colors are great. Have fun getting ready for your big day. I will be waiting to see pictures!! The sunflower quilt is so pretty.

blushing rose said...

Poor Billy Mays ... RIP! What a loss.

Love the top quilt work. The kid-lings are adorable, the cuddling quilts are gorgeous.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Nancy said...

Let me know if the Orange Glow works..

Love Bears All Things said...

Looks like everyone had a good week. I'm so glad you read the reviews before you used the product.
That rug is beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Mama Bear

thejambi said...

Hi! Thought I'd say something since I found your blog randomly. Is that your daughter that went to a camp?

:) I was a camp counselor at a Christian camp just last summer! I hope it was a good time.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Bren,
This was such a cute post, i enjoyed reading of when Charlotte came home and ran to you. Brings back such wonderful memories Isn't great that they never out grow us! even today our daughter who is in her thirtys need me!
The quilts are so beautiful you are very gifted I so admire people whom God has gifted with their hands. May your 4th be blessed. I am still praying for your Mother!

Julieann said...

Oh my, thanks for the heads up on Orange Glo, I was going to buy it. ( I liked Billy Mays too) Your quilts are always so lovely.

...and as for your comment on my blog...Yes, I accidently used a metal spoon--UGH!! I looked it up and there were a lot of comments about people who have used a metal spoon and had no problems, but I think that was mine. I had NO bubbles today, so I threw it out and I am starting over:) I will get this...LOL.

Happy Thursday.


shelia said...

I love seeing all the family pics...have a wonderful holiday with your family! :)

kymber said...

Hi Bren,
Your sweet Charlotte is such a cutie! She is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady - all because of YOU my friend!

Your quilts are lovely - I always enjoy and am inspired by what you are making.

In answer to your question that you asked in a blogpost - the quilt that is on my wall is one that I bought in Hawaii after we had a memorial service there for my mom. It has sea turtles all over it (in true Hawaiian style) while we were throwing Lei's out in the water at the service for my mom, a sea turtle swam through them. Of course when I saw the quilt at a store on the Island - you know I had to have it! :-) I am very sentimental and it reminds me of my mom whenever I look at it. Hawaiian quilts fascinate me and this style is one that I will one day HAVE to make. I have a pattern book ready and waiting to try - along with a long list of others LOL!

I hope and pray all is well with YOUR mom -I have been thinking of her - so glad that the doctors were able to switch her meds and that it was nothing serious!

Have a fun filled 4th celebration today!

meggie said...

I know Charlotte missed her loving mother- you.

Guðrún said...

The rug is beautiful on your deck. I am glad that Charlotte had a great time. Have a great weekend.