Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quilting Update

It has been a double edge sword where quilting is concerned here. I have spent hours working on "Basket Case" which has made me....well, a basket case. Crispy has been a tremendous help and her EQ skills have been put to the test for me. Because of that, I have had some success in my plan, but that will wait til I am certain of what I will do.
For now the pink and brown is back in the hoop and I am enjoying my time hand quilting on my old friend.I also started to piece the elongated hexagons together. Here are a few laid out to show how they attach. There will be 7 rows of 10. Those are 1 inch squares.All 70 are basted and ready to become a table runner for my counter top. I stitched one hexagon to another and stopped. I could see all my stitches on the other side. Any tips??? I used a cream thread, but still, should those stitches show?
I did finish DeNiece's table runner she won in my 2nd Blogoversary draw. I knew it would take a while, but I hope she will be pleased with the results.It is all washed and crinkly...just like a quilt should be. It will be mailed off tomorrow morning. Here is the back, because I know how much DeNiece loves the Lord, I thought she would like this fabric.Charlotte has been crocheting. She is learning to read patterns and has created a very unique wash cloth. She learns to put it together on August 3rd, her next crochet class.
That is all for now. My Sunday was a blessed and quiet one with my family attending church and my grandson spending the rest of day here playing. Monday morning brings with it laundry chores and a whole house blessing and then another afternoon at my sewing machine for some more baskets *sigh*. By evening, I will be stitching on the pink and brown again (bliss).
Have a productive Monday and be blessed!!


Fruit of her hands said...

OH Bren You silly basket case :) I know that DeNiece will just absolutely LOVE that table runner. The backing fabric is just wonderful, she will certainly love that too. Look at all that work you put into it...She is going to cry when she sees it..
Have a great Monday...

Susan said...

As always, your quilting is beautiful. I love DeNiece's table runner, and I know she will too!

Niki RuralWritings said...

Well Bren we know we are both basket cases...(see our last emails)!!!

I love DeNiece's table runner it's gorgeous! I'm trying my hand at a Dresden table runner class this Saturday, and looking forward to it!

Have a good week

karenfae said...

Bren I like the table runner it is great. I also like those elongated hexagons - neat pattern. I sometimes go back and forth from quilting on my big floor frame to a hoop and do two quilts at once like you are doing.

Crispy said...

Love the table runner Bren!! It's so satisfying to have a project in the hoop. Hand quilting is my favorite part of quilting. Sorry no help on the hex issue. As a hand piecer I would have just sewed the seams together instead of the way most hexes are sewn.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks gorgeous Bren and I am sure that your table runner will be loved and appreciated!
Wishing you bunches and bunches of joy today! ♥

Tia said...

Just beautiful - the stitching on your pink and brown one is exquisite. I love the backing fabric too - how unusual.


Meggie said...

Your quilting is beautiful! Love that table runner.
How sweet Charlotte looks, sitting there with her crochet.xx

Guðrún said...

The table runner is beautiful.

Karen said...

Lovely table runner! She will be very pleased.

Also, wonderful elongated hexagons. That's my favourite shape. I find if I match my thread colour to the darker of the two pieces being stitched together, the better it looks. Also, as you stitch them together, only grab a thread or two from each hexagon. The more fabric you pick up on your needle, the more stitches you see on the top. Hope this helps.