Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sister, Sister

What a wonderful day we had with Sherry. I did not get as many pictures as I wanted to, and what I got is grainy and blurry, but here it is....
This is Sherry holding Shane and Emerson. Tori (14) is sitting to the left (she is Sherry's granddaughter from her oldest daughter Stephanie).
Here is my nephew David...I wish you could see his face better. He has this Brad Pitt look about him. He is the spitting image of his Dad, Chris, who died in the plane crash.
Here he is with his wife Val. She is as beautiful inside as she is out!Shane was tired and crabby for a big part of the day.Bud and Rachel were very excited to see him. They spent a difficult 6 months helping this little guy get through the addiction stage. There is a special love there.Shane is very tiny, but the drug use has nothing to do with size here. It is a genetic component. There are some effects and some of them are not showing yet, but size is not one of them. Shane is VERY advanced in his fine motor skills. Sherry likens them to that of a raccoon...LOLWe had a dinner of homemade lasagna and white bread fresh from the oven. My mother in love came too and brought the most wonderful German chocolate cake! It was heaven! The softball game was cancelled due to rain, so we stayed in. We also celebrated Rachel's 25th birthday which was last Tuesday, but we had not had opportunity until now. She is a gem of a daughter in law! We are so blessed by her in so many ways.Emerson getting ready to go home and to bed.The rain made it chilly outside!
Cousins......A big sister and her little brother.....What a treat to see Sherry and a small part of her family. She attended her 40th High School Class Reunion while she was here. She was nervous about attending alone, but as soon as she walked into the room she was mobbed by her former classmates, who knew she would be the life of the party as she always was!! They were right! She still lights up an entire room just walking into it!
Sherry and her family are going up north for a while before heading home to Colorado. Next time we will go there.
I took a couple of garden pics yesterday morning....
Here are the tomato plants. Look how tall they are (Zach is exactly 4 ft tall). They are LOADED with green tomatoes!And then there is the "weed". We are keeping it just for the fun of it. It is tall too. The stalk is a bright red color! Kind of a cool looking weed.That is it. I am spending the day in the sewing room working on little baskets. I need to make a trip to another LQS as I have picked over the pastels at the little one near my home. I need very little fabric for one little basket. I wonder if they will sell me a fat 8th?
Have a wonderfully productive day!


Rita said...

Tears came to my eyes as you have such a wonderful family. Mine were older than me and most have passed on. Hold them, Love them even with all the problems try to make all things work out. Take pictures and write under them just like you do now. You are a wonderful person and I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for sharing!

karenfae said...

looks like a wonderful family Bren.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit and I liked the pics!
Thanks for sharing!
Wishing you tons of joy today ♥

Donetta said...

You are surrounded in a rich legacy of love and generosity. How very rich you are Bren.
That tomato would love it if you saved your egg shells wash them off dry them grind them in a food processor and dig them in gently around the base of the plant. I am thinking that is not a weed.
He is something special. Get a close up of the lief for me.

Donetta said...

Oh I wanted to tell you basil planted around toms protect them.

Milah said...

Thanks for sharing your family with us. I feel like I'm getting to know everyone which means I'll be expecting an invitation to the next get-together!

You guys are an awesome bunch!

Andrea Cherie said...

Sounds like you have a really neat relationship with Sherry! And sounds like she is a really neat lady~ she has persevered through A LOT. wow!

We are 'feasting' on my Grandpa Ross' tomatoes right now! (He always uses the term 'feasting' about his veggies!)

Crispy said...

You have such a warm and loving family Bren...makes me really miss my family.

That weed just cracks me up ROFL.