Tuesday, November 10, 2009

44 Day Crunch

Miniature number 3 is finished. Only 3-4 more to go....3 for certain and 4 if I have the time. The binding is still left to do, as with the other finished miniatures. I really like this one....the texture is wonderful and I love the colors.
So let's do an inventory....
the basket quilt is finished (sans label),
3 of 7 miniatures are done
and the fabric is set for the next 2
pillows and bags yet to make for Zach and TJ
a pillow needs to be made for Emerson
PLUS the fabric for Kyle's quilt and Charlotte's skirts are ready and waiting.
44 days til Christmas!!!
Kyle's quilt will be a simple checkerboard that I will tie. A matching pillow and curtain and he will be thrilled.The next miniature will be made with these two fabrics I picked up at Acorn Quilts yesterday.
The background (which does not show up at all in the pic) is gorgeous with a light background swirled in a creamy tan. The focus fabric is black with red berries and brown stems. Very shaker style. I plan to do a smaller version of a quilt I saw hanging on Libby's wall. I just loved it. You can see it here. It is the first picture in the post.
After that, I will do miniature number 5 using these fabrics.Not sure what pattern yet. I can only work on Kyle's quilt while he is at work, so I am limited with that one. Luckily, the miniatures will keep me busy.
I also picked up some fabrics for my Pine Ridge Quilt. I plan to get right back to that when I am finished with all the Christmas gifts. I picked up another yard and a half of background fabric (I just love Fusions by Robert Kauffmann) and 3 more greens for trees.The red 1/4 yard cut is for the binding of the last miniature. I sure enjoyed my fabric shopping yesterday!
As I am pounding away at the quilts, Sweetheart is keeping busy also. Today he and Zachary pulled the frig out and did the bi-annual cleaning.Lost toys were found and dust bunnies were killed! Charlotte did all her laundry today. After searching high and low for all the bath towels that were missing, I found 11 of them in Charlotte's closet. Yes, she did that load too! I wondered where they were all hiding!
Now, I am going to store all that fabric I pre washed and get my rotary cutter out to start making blocks for the next little quilt.
Have a blessed and productive week.
"And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you;
That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing."
1 Thess. 4:11-12


Copper's Wife said...

So much fabric goodness!!!

blushing rose said...

Happy belated birthday Bren. I apologize for missing it ... hope it was filled with lots of love & blessings for you.

Pop over for our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY.
Have a lovely eve. TTFN ~Marydon

Andrea Cherie said...

Bren~ You are incredible! I am constantly amazed at the amount of quilting you do!

All those fabrics, well except the bears print, are gorgeous!

Dani said...

Phew! You have been super busy! Everything is looking beautiful as always, it is so much fun to look at what you're working on. One of these years I'll make a quilt ;-)

Donetta said...

The fabrics are pretty

Libby said...

You are a lady with a plan! I love looking at all that fabric! Have a great day!

Crispy said...

Wow Bren you have been so busy!! I just love all your fabric choices and look forward to seeing it all sewn together.


Niki RuralWritings said...

You are working full out!!! Keep going, it's all looking great :-)


Debi said...

Your mini is so cute, and I love the fabric for the next one.

One Christian Mom said...

Wow, you really have been productive!!! I pray for the day when my daughter and I are crocheting together while the boys play ball... :) She wants to learn, but her little fingers will just not do what she wants them to yet. We'll keep working on it. As for the boys playing together... well, that will come someday, too! :)
I love your prayer for us, that we will all have a blessed and productive week. How awesome!

julieQ said...

Lovely texture on your first quilt, and I love pink and brown together. I bet those were tiny little bunnies, knowing you and your fly lady ways, LOL!

Rose Marie said...

You are going to be a very busy lady in the next while ..... and happy belated birthday!

That is a sweet mini quilt you just finished!