Monday, November 2, 2009

Pretty Girl

The tree in our front yard has shed all it's leaves, save the ones used by a squirrel to make her nest. See it? It is not at the very top, though it is pretty far up there, which means our winter will not be mild, though not the worst in history.
My pretty girl, Emerson.....

This is a picture of her taken just yesterday morning after she and her brother spent the night. She slept sound all night long and woke up full of smiles and giggles. What a sweet baby she is. They went home about 10:30 and she continued to play and ate a good lunch. About 20 minutes into her nap she woke up screaming and began a horrid barking cough. Her breathing seemed off so Rachel took her to immediate care. Her O2 was 94 but did come up to 97 on it's own. A test for RSV came back negative, and she was tested for the A & B flu, which I just found out came back negative. She had no temp but her breathing seemed shallow and panting, though no retracting or actual struggle to breath was there. Still....scary. Grandma diagnosed croup, but what do I know??? Last night Rachel text me that her breathing sounded funny so I went over. She did appear to be panting some, but she was not struggling and gave me lots of smiles. She was clingy and tired and had a temp...not too bad, only 100.5. We decided I would bring TJ home with me and that way if they needed an ER run in the night, my son could go too.TJ's little bed is made up in my bedroom and he may be here a few nights depending on the test results. Also, croup is contagious and he is only 4, so is still susceptible to it. As I type this, Rachel and Emerson are back at the immediate care. Her breathing started to have a "funny sound" to it and Rachel thought it best to have her re-checked. She is a very good mommy. Her O2 level is 98, so that makes me feel good. Her temp still hovers at 100.5. Say a little prayer for them if you think of it. I have been saying many!!!
The neighbor girls that I home school are both sick with the flu....tested positive for A AND B...and have high fevers and bad coughs....Anya and Alphia could use some prayers too. They will not be here this week so we are taking it at a slower pace here too. We are keeping busy though!!!! Charlotte is working on her "Bears" blanket for her Daddy's Christmas gift.She is doing quite well!! I am getting my desire to quilt By just doing it. I think the border I am quilting is not to enjoyable. I love the effect, but it is a very small, twisty, turny design that causes you to only be able to take a stitch or two before you have to turn....not as fun. I am almost done and then I can do the straight line quilting I love so much.I have never done a border first....I always start in the middle, but the markings on this were so light I thought I would get it out of the way. Glad I did. Because it is so small, it really was no big deal. I would not suggest this on a larger quilt.
Well, I am just waiting to hear more from Rachel (who just text and said they are doing more x-rays and tests). I am assuming they will tell her to continue doing what she is doing. I think I will go sit with a hot cup of coffee and read a book to the kids.
Have a blessed Monday and thank you for your prayers!!!!

UPDATE: Emerson has Pneumonia in her left lung. It was not there yesterday, but shows up today. Please continue to pray for her.


NeeCee said...

There seems to be a lot of illness out there. Our homeschool group is all coming down with it. We are finally back up on our feet again after being sick a week with some virus.

Hopefully, Emerson will soon be back to her healthy smiling self.

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Holding Emerson up in prayer still. Praying the others in your family don't get it. Thanks for the update. Blessing, Karen

Susan said...

Bless her little heart! I pray she gets well soon. Hang in there, Grandma! :)

Mountain Mama said...

Oh sweet Emerson! We will pray for her (and mommy). Rachel is blessed to have you and your availability.

Your quilt is beautiful - as always.

One Christian Mom said...

Praying! We have been under the weather here, but no flu or pnemonia. Prayers are being said for Emmerson, your homeschool girls, and the families for comfort and rest.
BTW - Charlotte's blanket looks excellent! She is becoming quite the crocheter :)
And of course, as always, your quilt looks great!

~Joann~ said...

Bren~ will be praying for little Emerson, it is so hard when they are sick and there isn't really much we can do but hug them and pray for them. I will keep you all in my prayers as always.

Sweet P said...

Prayers for Emerson and the other girls. Charlotte is doing a great job on her quilt.

Niki RuralWritings said...

Good thing Rachel is such a cautious and careful mama!!! Praying Emerson is back to full health very very soon!
Blessings and Hugs

Donetta said...

absolutely she is in my thoughts and prayers
The boarder is cute it does look a bit difficult.

Melzie said...

Bless her Lord, bless her health and her family, God thank you for your hand reaching down to touch this little girl and her family. In Jesus name AMEN.

Crispy said...

I'm with you Bren, those little twisty turny bits are boring to quilt.

Prayers are continually heading up my friend.