Monday, November 2, 2009

An Emerson Update

Emerson was admitted to the hospital tonight for croup. The x-rays done at the hospital show no signs of pneumonia in her left lung as the immediate care had said. (Thank you Jesus!) Her trachea is narrowing from the croup and that is a concern. She has what is called stridors....the following is taken from on croup symptoms.
"At first, a child may have cold symptoms, like a stuffy or runny nose and a fever. As the upper airway (the lining of the windpipe and the voice box) becomes progressively inflamed and swollen, the child may become hoarse, with a harsh, barking cough. This loud cough, which is characteristic of croup, often sounds like the barking of a seal.
If the upper airway becomes increasingly swollen, it becomes even more difficult for a child to breathe, and you may hear a high-pitched or squeaking noise when a child inhales (this is called stridor). A child also may tend to breathe very fast and might have retractions (when the skin between the ribs pulls in during breathing). In the most serious cases, a child may appear pale or have a bluish tinge around the mouth due to a lack of oxygen.
(we are not at that point!)
To treat this upper airway swelling, they use steroids. Emerson was given a shot but the results were not what they wanted. She was given a breathing treatment and that brought some relief. The problem is the relief is not lasting long enough and her stridor is coming back before the next treatment. She is being admitted overnight to be watched and prayerfully, the stridor will be gone by morning. My sister's son had croup all the time as a child and she remembers the steroids sometimes taking overnight to work.
Your prayers are most coveted.....Bud and Rachel are both staying with Emerson overnight at the hospital and I am thankful for that!!!!
"The prayers of a righteous man (and woman) avail much!!!!!" Now since our righteousness is in Christ, I am confident your prayers will work!!!!


Susan said...

Praying for your sweet little Emerson, Bren!

Andrea Cherie said...

Praying for your beautiful grandbaby!

Crispy said...

Oh Bren, this just breaks my heart, our poor little Emerson :0(

Prayers are continuing on up.


moreofhim said...


God bless you all - Julie

Kathryn said...

Praying Bren!

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Continued prayers here Bren! Hugs, Karen

~Joann~ said...

Bren~ Thanks so much for the updates. I will continue praying for you all. That is such a cute picture of little Emerson.

Sweet P said...

Thanks for the update on Emerson. I'll keep sending prayers.

Jeanne said...

Sorry to hear that Emerson is ill. Praying for a speedy and complete recovery.

DeNiece Barnes said...

Bren....I just saw the update this morning, I am praying for Emerson and your family....I pray that God gives her a complete recovery and that he soothes the heart of her parents while they are with her as she recovers.

Love Bears All Things said...

It is so hard to see our little ones ill and to not be able to 'fix' it for them. I am praying for all of you but especially for Rachel,Bud and Emerson.
Mama Bear