Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Almost Puked

A phone conversation with my mom.....
Mom: Did you do a new blog today?
Me: No. I probably won't do one until after Christmas.
Mom: Well could you at least do something for me?
Me: What?
Mom: Could you get that thing off of there????
Me: What thing?
Mom: That new ugly brown thing you have on there now. I almost puked looking at it.
Me: You mean the new background?
Mom: Yes. It is gross. You need to get rid of it.
Me: *laughing*
Mom: I tried to see if there was anyway I could change that on my computer so I wouldn't have to look at it.
Me: laughing even harder....Sure, Mom. I will work on that.
Mom: Good. Try and brighten that up. Jeez, that is ugly!
How's this one, Mom????? Better?


Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

LOL...gotta love moms...they speak their minds...LOL.

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

LOL...that is funny! I hope this one gets better ratings from your mom.

Dani said...

I LOVE your mom! The new background is very nice.

Libby said...

Only a Mom could get away with it!! BTW, the new background is very nice!
Merry Christmas!

Niki said...

Nothing like hearing from mom!!!

Your new background looks very nice!

I have hung your lovely gift and will be posting about it soon, I hope!!! (Time is short, the to do list long)


live4god said...

It looks great...if you want more of your page to show all at the same time it is not hard to make these 3 column I will admit though at first the instructions made me go cross-eyed lol...then i figured it out...sometimes i am not at all that technologically smart LOL...
Merry Christmas to one of my favorite blog world friends:) God Bless have a wonderful day

Crispy said...

Well I like it better but your Mom has the final word LOL.


Marydon Ford said...

Bren ~ looks good to me. Aren't Mom's cute?

May your holiday season be blessed & beautiful ~
Merry Christmas ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Love Bears All Things said...

I bet she won't like this one either but we'll be waiting to see. I hope your Christmas celebrations are full of love and joy.
Mama Bear