Monday, December 28, 2009

Meeting Goals

This is my new favorite spot in the house. I am working hard on the Pink and Brown and have put a lot of thought into my goals. I pondered why this quilt, along with a couple of others, have been on my goals list for the last couple of years....this being the third. I concluded that I set a goal that was too generalized for such big projects. Its not like a wallhanging or tablerunner....these are queen-sized quilts! I decided to get a bit more specific and set shorter-termed, more specific goals. As for the Pink and Brown, I just finished the entire middle and have the blocks around the outside to quilt along with 2 borders. My immediate goal is to finish 1 side of the quilt (not counting borders) each week. That will mean the quilt (minus borders) will be done by the end of the month. At that time I will set another specific goal regarding borders.That is a lot of quilting in a week....there are motifs and 1 inch crosshatching all along those outer 12" blocks. I plan to spend much time in my new favorite spot. It is relaxing and set apart, yet very available to family. Directly across from my spot, is the new piano....The kids are playing on it everyday. They do not pound on it, but "play" nicely, and seem quite eager to begin lessons. My quilt frame is no more, but that is fine. I did not enjoy quilting on it enough to find another place for it just now. is not on my goal list, right?
I did go to the quilt shop and picked up a new book with my gift card. This will be my "week between Christmas and New Year" book.
Lots of wonderful designs I can use and interesting stories from 1810-1940....some of my favorite eras of quilting.
I am not finished talking about goals just yet, but my personal goals are still unfinished. For now I best head back to that chair for some needle time!
Blessings, Bren


Coleen said...

Hey, Surprise,Surprise I have that book too!

Milah said...

That quilt will be a heirloom when you are done!

I love the pictures of Charlotte and your mother-in-love in the last post. It's obvious they were both thrilled. ;D

Libby said...

That looks like a very interesting book! I love anything that about vingtage quilts! You have a nice cozy area to sew!

Crispy said...

I love your little quilting area. This is one of those times that being sent to the corner is a good thing LOL. The quilting motifs you are using are soooo pretty.


Niki said...

I think you are right to break down your goals...when I really want to get something accomplished that is exactly what I do..the more detailed the better (for me :)

I can't wait to see the Pink and Brown completed, how gorgeous it will be.

I'm hoping to have my sewing room back in shape next has been an extra guest room over Christmas. I'm itching to get sewing!!

Have a blessed (and stress-free)week

Winona said...

Bren, I love your quilting area. Can you believe, I think I am finally back in the blogging world? LOL Won't have our Christmas till New Year's. That was some blizzard we had on Christmas! That brown and pink quilt will be stunning. I also love the piano. It looks great on that wall. Have a great day, my friend. Winona

Debi said...

Your quilting is beautiful and I have first hand knowledge. The only hand work I do is embroidery, which I love. I have taken a hand quilting class, but could not get the hang of it.

Angela said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog! Your blog is beautiful - looks like we have alot in common! I will visit more soon! Your quilts are all so beautiful! I love your Basket Quilt story!

Love Bears All Things said...

Looks like a great place to quilt. I was going to ask how you sandwich the big quilts. I think you told me once. The teacher showed us how to do it with the adhesive spray using two folding tables and clamps. She said to do it outside because of the spray. Right now, I don't have a big one ready yet. I am like you about my Sampler quilt. It has been a while in the making but that is alright.Last winter, I set a goal to do three or four blocks a month. Then other things got on the front burner and I put it aside. I want to get back to it. It will be a queen size. I have two lap quilts that I need to sandwich and start hand quilting. I will set some goals by Friday. Some will be for the month and some for the year.
Mama Bear

Rose Marie said...

Lovely to see the basket quilt that went to your MIL .... you sure went through hoops trying to find the right pattern and materials for her. You are doing so good with your hand quilting and queen size quilts always take so long to finish and the rows and blocks just seem to take forever and then the borders ...... That new book looks very interesting.

Guðrún said...

It is a lot of quilting every week but I am sure you will meet your goals.