Thursday, December 31, 2009


2010 will be here tomorrow! Do you have your goals set? If not, I would like to share my outline for my 2010 Goals. I try to set 3 goals in each category....not to many or you will not meet them. Some goals need more detailed goals subtitled under them. I will give you an example of one of my goals in each category and you will see what I mean. I am not sharing all my goals here, as some are personal, and to be honest, I don't think many people much care what MY goals are....YOUR goals are the important ones to you.
Spiritual & Innerdevelopment Goals
a. Read 6 non-fiction books in relation to my Christian growth.
Family & Relationship Goals
a. Speak daily affirmations to my children
Personal Development Goals
a. Teach a hand quilting class in April
Ministry Goals
a. Make a home church decision
Physical & Health Goalsa. Weight Loss
this goal will require a more detailed goal sub-list, such as exercise plans, food plans, etc.
Home School Goalsa. Reread Educating the Wholehearted Child
Homemaking Goals

a. Create and follow a stricter food budget

Material Goals

a. New curtains and dust ruffle for master bedroom

Life Enhancement Goals

a. Memory enhancing exercises (may include vitamins)

I also have a Quilting Goal section, though I posted that earlier. You may add any creative goals to your list. Any other category that would work well in your life may be added, such as Career Goals, Educational Goals, Travel Goals....the list is endless. Goal setting can be a vital tool in our lives. Give it a try!!!! See you next year!



Winona said...

Bren, sounds like you have some wonderful goals for 2010. The only goals I have are to get myself in better shape by exercise and eating healthy and to finish some started quilts. I have 3 queen size quilts that need to be quilted and a couple of twin size. So I am not short on things to do. (grin) Happy New Year to you, my dear friend. We will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow. Winona

julieQ said...

I love your goals, and I think you are right...the more specific we make them, the more likely we will attain them! Happiest New Year to you!

Libby said...

Oh Bren! I love the idea of breaking down your goals! Years ago, I taught my daughter to break down large homework assignments to make them more manageable! I never thought about doing it with personal goals, but I will now!
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Happy New Year Bren! I am going to do some goal setting for myself. You always inspire me to do better!
Hugs, Karen

Crispy said...

Great catagories Bren. I'll cheer you on as you reach each one.

Happy New Year my friend :o)

Susan said...

You have some great goals, Bren! I haven't finished setting mine, but I have some broad categories like yours, which I'm working on making into smaller, more manageable goals. I've also set up my Google calendar for my homemaking, ministry, and health goals - easy to enter, repeat, and change as needed.

Have a great new year!

Meggie said...

Dear Bren, My sincere good wishes for the coming year. I hope 2010 will hold all the Blessings you choose.
Much love, and hugs, megXX