Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Family and House Work

We are getting hit hard with snow AGAIN! We had about 4 inches when I woke up at 6:30 this morning, and it is still coming down hard at 3 in the afternoon. They say it will stop tomorrow morning leaving us with a good foot!
My weekend was good. I had the grandkids on Friday night. They were both sick with colds, so we just took it easy and enjoyed each other.
On Sunday, My mother in love came and we all had KFC, along with cake and cupcakes for dessert. We played a game of Phase 10..........NEVER "skip" your mother in law! Yeesh! I got a look that would kill! She is serious about her cards, but it did not help her, as she lost COMPLETELY! Her and Sweetheart both! OK, so I lost too, even though I had an incredible partner in TJ. Our son beat us all!Emerson enjoyed watching us for most of the game. She led Charlotte around the house the rest of the time. She did color Grandma a picture for the frig....They LOVED Sassy. TJ thought she was a toy at first and was shocked to see she was real. Emerson said, "niiiiice" and stroked her gently. Sassy was fine with them too! She has continued to be a joy to everyone here. She has her spot where she naps during the day....on the kitchen chair.But her favorite place is still on my lap. Here she is waiting for me to sit down....she looks like she wants to say, "I'm waiting.....you can sit down now."Once I do, she works her claws in my lap (softly, so it does not hurt), gets her motor going and curls up against me.Our school days are moving along. Anya, the neighbor girl I home school, is doing phenomenal! Charlotte is also doing exceptionally well this quarter. Zach has had some frustration, but I think moving his schedule around to make math his last subject instead of his first has helped greatly. He did a beautiful job today. I have to remind him to "sit on your butt" during handwriting, or he is very sloppy. Today after several reminders to sit on his butt, his workbook asked him to write a word that starts with "b". What did he write???I have felt the need to get my own schedules back in order. Since Sweetheart has been home they have all fell to the wayside. It makes me feel "out of control". I pulled out my Home Management Binder.....I love that thing. An extended family member once said that only an idiot would need to have a book to tell you when and what to clean. Well. I am that idiot. I am not a cleanie by nature....I need order, but have no natural skills to get it. The binder does it for me. However, the binder is a 2 inch think, very heavy, tool that is awkward to cart around....I decided to pull all my housekeeping pages out and make a smaller binder. I had a 1/2 inch binder and made a new cover. Now this is much easier than the heavy, bulky, binder, that I still keep handy, as it hold some valuable pages that I use often. This is my DAILY binder. It holds daily/weekly/and monthly chores.
I put a zipper pocket in it to hold pens and paper.
The first page is my "theme" verse...... And my schedules are in order after that.
I am happy to have these schedules back in place. Now I can quilt without guilt!!! And hey!!! ALL this laundry got done today!


Copper's Wife said...

Good for you!! And look at all of that clean laundry!! You GO, girlfriend!

I love when one of our cats will curl up in my lap and "knead" me with its paws (so long as the claws don't knead too deeply). I gently pinch their claws, then. There is no more contented sound, I think, than the purr of a happy cat! Oh, and just to clarify, I'm not a "cat" person either. A sweet kitty can wrinkle into the hearts of even the most die-hard cat dis-liker!

Marydon Ford said...

G'eve Bren ~ I love Zach's lesson well learned ... & so neat! Sassy so reminds me of all the tender warm, loving years I had all those cats ... & I yearn for another, but that will never happen.

We got 30" of snow last weekend & another 20"+ due tonight/tomorrow ... I am so excited, YIPPY SKIPPY! It is like gorgeous outside.

Happy Valentine's
Have a beautiful week!
Hugs, Marydon

Andrea Cherie said...

I love your baby Sassy! We are pretty sure we're going to get Finnigan a baby brother kitty when I'm done babysitting (2.5 weeks!).

I'm with you, I need to get my fly lady notebook/guidelines back out. I've been terribly 'off' in some of those arenas while working.

I'm happy you got to see you grandbabies too- praying for you all!
Love, Andrea

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Bren

i'm not a cleanie either, but i do prefer order over chaos(i doubt my husband believes this) so guess I need one of those handbooks.

Mind you I do object to the viewpoint that as I am a woman it should come naturally.

Glad you've found a friend in Sassy and enjoyed time with your grandchildren,

Hugs, Sharon

Libby said...

I am so happy that ya'll had a good weekend together! I know that you were happy to see those kids!
Sassy is so cute and so is Zach!

I love order in my house and I think that a good schedule is priceless!
Enjoy your day!

Guðrún said...

No snow here!

Meggie said...

Hi Bren, Just checking in, to see how you are. Those grandchildren are so gorgeous!
It is nice to spend family time together.
Isn't Sassy adorable!

Love Bears All Things said...

I think having a schedule for home keeping is great. Only an unorganized person would make a comment like that. Makes me wonder what her house looks like.
Cute about Zach's word. That was what was on his mind.
Mama Bear

live4god said...

i just recently realized with moving I need to get my HMB back in working order as well..still going to use my big one as I dont move it around but I do look it over..if I need a visual I will put the projects scheduled for that day on the big white board to keep me going andthe kiddos... funny how we had the similar thoughts of getting those back out and geting our schedules going again. I agree it is hard to keep to a schedule when the lovely hubbys are with us:) take care talk to ya soon