Friday, February 12, 2010

In Honor Of The Olympics

The Winter Olympics start today. Here is Kyle lighting the Special Olympics torch....a HUGE honor for him, and one of my most proud "Mom Moments".He is a Gold Medal winner many times over!LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!


Mountain Mama said...

Way to go Kyle! You look awesome! And I bet you are as fast as a speeding bullet. You ROCK!

We are proud of you.

Niki said...

What wonderful pictures of Kyle! We're excited about the games too, esp. as they are in Canada this year. I love the winter games, esp. the figure skating and the bobsled/luge....did you ever see the movie "Cool Runnings" funny

Sandy said...

Great picture! Awesome for Kyle and for you!
Thank you for sharing.
I am glad to be home on a snow day today, to get to watch the beginning of the Olympics!

Katie said...

Congratulations to Kyle...what an honor!! :-)

Blessing to your whole family Bren!

Donetta said...

Oh Bren
Beautiful. Enjoy the warmth in your heart. Embrace it.

NeeCee said...

How totally awesome!! I'm sitting here beaming at the pictures, you would think he was my child with how proud I am of him. LOL

Andrea Cherie said...

This is awesome, Bren!! Way to go Kyle! :)

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Wow Bren,

That would have been such an honour. I would have been as proud as punch too. I feel excited enough for Kyle myself.

Hugs, Sharon

Libby said...

Awesome!!! Kyle, You Rock!!