Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Sister

Yesterday was my little sister's birthday. I did not forget, but just did not get to a blog post about her. I thought I would share some things with you about my sister.
Debbie was my only sibling and we were VERY close as small children.

She was very particular about her dollies. Their hair and clothing looked like brand new forever! I like to brush and cut my doll's hair. She was always terrified that I would do the same to her dolls. I think I did once or twice ;)

Her favorite Christmas memory was when she was very little. She woke to find dolly clothes on tiny hangers hanging all over the Christmas tree. It was magical to her!As teenagers, we were not as close. Many days we were enemies. Our stories differ....I say she use to wear my new clothes without permission, and she says that was me who did that to her. Since it is her birthday I will not share things that put her in a bad light LOL I know once, my dad found my pack of cigarettes in the bathroom (I forgot them there, as it was where I would smoke undetected) and I blamed her. She had to EAT those cigarettes! She got even somehow, I am sure. Also, I hid a PlayGirl magazine (NO I am not a perv...a friend gave it to me) under HER mattress. My mom found it and hung all the nudie pictures in her room to teach her a lesson. When she came home there were naked men all over her walls. She was horrified (she had never seen a naked guy before!) and had no idea why they were there!!
Her best friend, Lynn, kept up with her in her own make believe world. They had convinced a Jr High school counselor that they were alcoholics based on an Eve Plumb "movie of the week" they had just seen. Using the exact lines in that movie, they had that poor woman up at night worrying about them!
Debbie and I became close again as adults.We both moved away from our hometown, but ended up just 10 miles from each other. We raised our children together and have created many wonderful memories for them because of that. We spent lots of time together while our kids were in school. One day we went out onto her raised deck. It was a small 10X10 foot deck off her kitchen and was on a second story. There was no stairway...just the railed deck. Somehow the sliding door locked and we were locked out there. It was FUNNY!!! We yelled at passing lady stopped at our cries for help but then thought better of it and sped away. Finally, a garbage man heard our pleas and let us in.
Debbie is an incredible mother. Her son, Andrew, and daughter, Lisa, were her focus in life.

She is now raising Lisa's children. We both say God created us to raise kids! If not, we missed our calling by a long shot!My sister has some flaws, don't get me wrong! She is a slob! Just like my mother and Charlotte, she can not eat a meal without getting some of it on her shirt. She has a nasty habit of picking. If you have a centerpiece on your kitchen table that you like, MOVE it when she comes. She will pick the flowers until they are bits and pieces and has no trouble, unconsciously, running a finger nail through a candle over and over again.

She can certainly make me laugh. That is her number one BEST quality. She is hysterical to be around. I have peed my pants more than once because of her! She is the master of "face making"!!!

And she will give lessons to any child she meets!

Family means everything to her. She may tick you off once in a while, or heaven forbid, you make her mad, but she will be there NO MATTER WHAT if you need her!!!!

She is truly one of a kind. I am blessed to have her as my sister, and even more blessed to call her friend!


Winona said...

Ah Bren, what a sweet post. Sounds like you have a great sister and Debbie has a great sister. Happy belated birthday to Debbie. By the way, I was cracking up while reading some of the things you did as a youngster. You were onery! Have a good day, my friend. Winona

Milah said...

Can I borrow her? I only have two brothers!

~Joann~ said...

Bren~ What nice things to say about your sister. Wish I had a sister like that! I have two and probably couldn't come up with more than a sentence for each of them with good things included. Now if we were talking about bad things I could write a book :)
You are just too kind

Debi said...

So very nice you and your sister are friends. I don't speak to mine very often, we are so totally different people and don't like each other much.

Donetta said...

Don't be shy tell it how it is Lol
Your funny, she might just be mad at you now
Glad you have her.
I thought to call my sister yesterday and remembered that she died 3 or 4 weeks ago sure miss her.

Crispy said...

Thank you for sharing your sister with us. I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters, mom & dad thought we would kill eachother as kids but we all ended up being best friends :0)


Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Bren,

Happy belated birthday Debbie :)

I loved reading your post about your sister, Debbie. Its wonderful when siblings become friends. My sisters and I get along pretty well to (in spite of some of our childhood antics :) and my elder sons are best mates too :)...actually they used to think my sister Debbie was a great big toy when they were little ... maybe the name just fits :)


Anonymous said...
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Guðrún said...

It´s not guaranteed that if you have a sister that she is also your friend, you are truly blessed.