Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhogs Day

It is official.....SIX more weeks of winter. What a treat *said with a hint of sarcasm*. As I type this, it is snowing outside. There is probably an inch or so of fresh snow on the ground this morning and I am not sure how much more we will be getting. Good thing I saw Punksitony Phil on the news this morning or I would not have known what day it is.I still do not have a 2010 calendar and have had to use the little January square at the bottom of my December 2009 page. Now that is gone and I have taped a piece of paper to write dates on. I forget to pick one up every time. I need to grab one today while I am out.
Yesterday Charlotte had her first "at home" sewing lesson. She had went last Tuesday, and will go again today, to Hancock Fabrics for some formal machine lessons. She did quite well on my old White.No thread or bobbin in, but she followed lines on pieces of paper.Ewww. Her nails look dirty, but really they are painted that way. She and Anya did manicures yesterday! Pink and black. To be 12 again! The ovals were a challenge, and by the end she had greatly improved, but look at these sewing lines on the squares....she really did GREAT!This morning, before she goes to Hancocks, she will do this sheet.....I think I would have a hard time with this one.Our goal is that she will be wearing the new skirt she made to church on Sunday! A very easy 2 piece pattern with an elastic waist band.
Zach had a rough day yesterday. He had to make up some math pages he had "skipped" and he was not happy about it.He did get it all done and out of 104 problems, he only got 2 wrong. What a guy!!
His room got a complete cleaning yesterday too. I cleaned out drawers and closet, bagging up clothes that no longer fit and some that had seen better days. Zach will always pull the most ragged article of clothing rather than a nicer choice....now he does not have the raggedy choice!
We removed the headboard Sweetheart had made. It was just a junk collector. When he is older and has more control over his "collections" he can get it back. For now it is about keeping things as simple as possible for him....he HATES to clean his room. On the quilting front, I have nothing to show....how many pics of the pink and brown can you take??? They all look the same at this point, but be aware that I AM working on it and plan to have it completed in the near future!
How could I leave you without a Sassy picture??? I think she is going to be long haired! Heaven help me!


Debi said...

It is really wonderful that Charlotte is sewing. This summer when Madison (6) comes to visit for a week, she will be getting some sewing lessons as well.

Susan said...

I'm sorry you're having so much winter! Here in Vancouver, where the WINTER Olympics are being held beginning next Friday - we have had no winter to speak of! We've had warmer than normal temps for all of January, and the forecast is for more of the same. The Olympic Committee keeps saying everything is under control, but from the looks of the ski hills near my house, I'm not so sure. I think God is the one in control! :)

Charlotte is doing very well with her sewing! I can't wait to see the skirt she's making!

Zach's room looks great. I can understand keeping things simple for a young fella.

I'm loving the pictures of Sassy! Is she growing any eyelashes or whiskers yet? I have to laugh every time I think of her! :)

Niki said...

Jenny told me today that she read that ol' mr. groundhog is wrong 61% of the time! I said "Oh good, maybe we won't have 6 more weeks of winter then....Rob said " no, maybe we'll have 8 weeks instead!!!"

Talk about a glass half empty kind of guy...lol
have a wonderful day, my friend

Copper's Wife said...

Hey, Bren!! If the groundhog did NOT see his shadow, it means an early spring! (It's actually the opposite of what seems right, which works because it's just a silly, fun tradition anyway.) The old groundhog didn't see his shadow here today, either, because it's too foggy. I'll be watching for flowers and new leaves soon!

Winona said...

Bren, I am so glad that Charlotte is interested in learning to sew. That is a skill that is never wasted. Zach's room looks great. Isaiah and Jon shared a room growing up. Jon never ever wanted to clean their room, and Isaiah was a neat freak. Oh goodness, the squabbles that caused. It ended up with Isaiah cleaning his half and throwing a sheet over Jon's half. LOL I guess he thought it looked better that way. Callie is long haired. I brush her daily. That also cuts down on hairballs. You might want to get a brush/comb and get Sassie used to being brushed. Mine know that after they are brushed they get a treat. (grin) I hope you have a great day, my friend. Winona

Love Bears All Things said...

It is wonderful to learn to sew. I learned when I was very young. Last year, when I gave the lessons to the scout troop, I taught them how to hem, sew on buttons, do satin embroidery, sew a slip stitch, blind stitch and straight stitch. Hopefully they will know enough to take care of their clothes when they are older.

What you said about Zach reminded me: My Daughter, Granddaughter and I were shopping one day and told Grandson he could come have lunch with us. His Aunt who lives with them was going to bring him. We were waiting near a nice restaurant when he showed up in a shirt sleeve undershirt, sweats that were too short with holes in the knees, shoes and no socks. And this was December, no coat or jacket. What was his Aunt thinking? Needless to say, we picked up take out and went home to eat. Its nice that they are so unselfconscious about how they look, though. I was never that way.
Seems you've been busy with sorting and cleaning, too. I finally finished our closets but I'm still working on my studio.
Mama Bear

Libby said...

Look at how sweet that Sassy looks!! and Charlotte's nails are very, very cool!

Crispy said...

What a great way to teach sewing. I know I would have trouble with some of those shapes. I would threaten my son that I would clean his room. That would get him to run in there and clean cuz mom would toss everything LOL.


Guðrún said...

Wow Zach´s room is really tidy. And what a clever boy doing the math nearly without a error.