Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Quilter is Born

My friend and neighbor, Cindy, came yesterday and we finally cut and started her first quilt. She is making a Jacob's Ladder which will measure 60X72....not your traditional "first" quilt, which would most likely be a wall hanging or baby quilt. She is a gifted seamstress, so I knew she would do just fine, and she did.
She just had to erase all the ideas of anything more than a 1/4 inch seam and pressing her seams closed instead of open. Butting up her corners to make them match was a cinch for her! Her first block came out beautiful!!!! Only 29 more to go! Cindy called me later in the afternoon and invited me to come see her new sewing room. It is WONDERFUL!!! A quilter's dream room! I will have to take some pictures next time I go down. She has separate pressing and cutting tables, along with an area for her serger and a nice table for her sewing machine. She has beautiful hard wood flooring with lots of floor space and it is a beautiful room with a fireplace and library, and incredible track lighting. I decided I would love to get some track lighting above my table. Lighting is my biggest problem in my sewing area since moving downstairs.
I have so much piecing to do in my near future, and Cindy has helped motivate me to get started on it. Not my favorite part of quilting, but once I get going on it, it is not too bad. It is necessary to do and once done, I can move on to my favorite part.....hand quilting.
Have a Blessed Week!


Anonymous said...

Yaay, another quilter joins the ranks. :)
Sewing rooms ARE important, aren't they!
I was wanting to let you know that I'll be visiting your neck of the woods in April, I'm coming up to the quilt show, but I don't know yet my plans for when I'll be at the show. Who knows, maybe we can meet and greet there. I'm visiting family there so it all is still flexible.

Donetta said...

HI, it is so wonderful to pass your skills on. Good to have a nice neighbor too

Susan said...

Wow! She's doing a wonderful job already. I bet you're a great teacher, too! ;) Her sewing room sounds fantastic.

The little bit of quilting I've done (a doll quilt and a lap quilt, both still WIPs!), I've really enjoyed the piecing. I love making everything match up. Of course, I havne't done any actual quilting yet, so it remains to be seen if I like that part just as much! ;)

Libby said...

Very nice block!! Cindy's sewing room sounds wonderful!! I would love to see some pictures! Sounds like the two of you could have alot of fun sewing together!

Sweet P said...

Hooray for a new quilter! What a great job she did!

Crispy said...

Whoo Hoo! Another quilter in our midst! She is off to a great start. So what do you have planned for your next project Bren?


Guðrún said...

She will be a great quilter.

Mountain Mama said...

Hi Bren!
Hope all is well with you.

My computer crashed a few months ago and I lost all of my email addresses. So, I am sending you my email via blog.

Have a blessed Sunday.