Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blessed Sunday

It has been such a blessed day! The weather was 75 and sunny...could that be more perfect??!! Church was awesome. It is amazing how God sets the stage for things. My little girl sat so sweetly between me and Rachel this morning. Now, you all know my daughter has some left over RAD behaviors. These are being healed everyday, but she still struggles with lying and stealing food. I have taken a new direction with her, in that, when she demonstrates these behaviors I take her to the Word. Not to the "DO NOT DO THIS" verses, but to the verses that talk about positive virtues. The fruits of the spirit and reaping and sowing, and the promises that come from doing right in the eyes of the Lord. There are so many verses on honesty and purity. So anyway, today's message was on Samuel and how he always did the right thing. It was really good and Charlotte seemed to follow it well. She went to the scriptures he took us too and took notes on the back of her bulletin. Then......then Pastor Paul started talking about lying and doing things that are dishonest, like stealing....I watched my daughter start to shrink in her seat. Pastor Paul knows NOTHING about Charlotte. I don't even think he knows she is adopted. (He and his wife have 2 daughter's they adopted, ages 8 and 2.) As Charlotte continued to shrink in her seat she put her hand over her mouth to cover a smile. Rachel leaned over and asked if she thought it was funny. I told her "No, she is embarrassed." Which is exactly what she was. That is a good thing. The great part is Pastor Paul said ALOT of the same things I have said to her over the last few months...word for word!! Isn't God smart?! I love that quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. My granddaughter Emerson enjoyed church too, as Rachel's tummy was doing the wave during the service! Her nursery is almost done. I will take pics as soon as she is finished.
After church, TJ did not want to go home, so he came with Grandma and the kids back to our house to play while his Mommy and Daddy went out to lunch. Sweetheart went back to their house to help with a plumbing problem and took Zach with him. Kyle, Charlotte and I got our grocery shopping out of the way.
Kyle's elbow is some better today. Not as red and not hot at all. He can move it with no pain and only feels it if you press on it. Though it is still puffy, just touching it no longer hurts. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I plan to keep him home from work tomorrow to watch it one more day. I spilled spaghetti noodles all over the floor tonight and he was so good about cleaning it up for me!We had a wonderful dinner and I even burned some of my beeswax candles that Niki made me. Can you believe it Niki!!?? I have had these a LOOONG time. She did bring me another set when she came last month, so I thought it was safe to burn some.I plan to spend a big chunk of this next week getting ready for our new school year. The schedule is set and now I need to plan out the actual lesson plans for at least 3 months. Lots to do. I think we will begin on August 25th.The kids are excited to begin and so am I. I have a yearning for fall, and school starting makes it feel that much closer!!! Right now I am going to join Sweetheart as he watches the Cubbies and I will stitch on my 8th Sunbonnet Sue. Have a blessed Monday!!!


Mindy Pfohl said...

Sounds like a great day! I love what you are doing with your daughter. I used to work in a government run youth center and we were allowed to use scripture IF the residents pursued it first... what you spoke of was my favorite way of going about it and the residents usually came to me and asked to talk about the Bible. I LOVED it! have a great monday!

Alesha said...

I am praising the Lord with you for your great Sunday!


Niki RuralWritings said...

From the Word to Charlotte's heart! Wonderful blessings, Bren! It's always so amazing to see God work!

Kyle is such a sweetie, I'm glad he's starting to feel better.

Yes!!! You lit the candles, finally! LOL,

Can you ask Rachel for the grape salad and the other salad(it had crunchy noodles in it) recipes she made? I'm thinking my odds of getting them are better before Emerson arrives :)
Can't wait to see the nursery.
Hugs to you, say Hi to Kim for us

Milah said...

Poor Charolette, feeling a little convicted was she? Praise God! I love watching kids grow up in church. Sometimes they don't want to listen to their parents but when they hear it in church, they pay attention.

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing this. Lying has been one of the hardest behaviors for us as well.
It feels so great to hear the words you speak to your child come out of someone elses mouth when your child is listening.

One Christian Mom said...

What a wonderful story. I am glad that your daughter is understanding the word in real life, this is so hard for some! Also, I am happy Kyle's elbow is getting better, praise God for that! BTW, I laughed out loud at your teacher blackboard picture. I can so envision this in my house! We should be getting our curriculum by the end of this month, and I can't wait. Have a blessed monday!

Guðrún said...

I am so glad that Kyle is getting better.