Monday, August 4, 2008

Squirrel Drama

Is there a Department of Squirrel Services??? Our tree, out front, houses a new mother squirrel and her brand new babies. She keeps "dropping" them out of her nest. The nest is half way up the tree (signs of an easy winter to come) and in the above pic, the baby (or babies) are falling from the top of that picture to the ground. The rain is POURING and those babies are crying LOUD. Here is this poor pitiful mother who can not seem to hang on to her children to save her life!!! There is a baby, about the size of a newborn kitten, laying in the woodchips under the tree. TJ, who is visiting this morning, is shocked by the sight of it all!! Right now there are 2 more on the ground, and Mama Squirrel just left the yard! My kids are all so worried. The sound of the rain in the video is loud. Forgive the quality.


Update...Mama came back. She is moving all her babies to the bushes across the street. So far she has moved the 2 on the ground and another 4 from the tree. She is fixing her weak nest so her babies do not fall out. My kids all have snacks and are glued to the whole process like they are at the movies!!!


Love Bears All Things said...

Well, that was quite an interesting morning for you and the wee ones, and very intertaining!
Mama Bear

Libby said...

Oh, I'm sure that's a temporary stop . . . Mama Squirrel was probably out buying bus tickets to my backyard *s*

Brenda said...

I bet that was fun to watch! I think it is neat you took the time to notice!

meggie said...

Those baby squirrels must be hardy! It is a wonder they didn't die falling that far.
6 babies seems a lot for one little mama squirrel- don't the papa's stay around to help with the babies?

Alesha said...

Ahhh...your kiddos were watching "God TV"!!!! LOL!!!


Milah said...

Oh how sweet is that? This is so much better than watching morning cartoons. I'm cheering for mama squirrel myself.

One Christian Mom said...

I love the pic of your kids by the door - too classic! :-)

Julie said...

Don't you just love stuff like that? LOL

We had a turtle visit us this week. He was HUGE. We had to follow him all the way out back to the pond.

I love that things like this excite my children.