Thursday, August 21, 2008

Late To Bed, Early To Rise

I am up very early today, as I am most days. With school starting on Monday, I am doing my "dry run" and trying to get my housework finished before school even starts at 9 am. I am SOOOO glad I put the PODA back into action. It only took me 90 minutes to get everything done, and I had added a couple more things to the list I had shown you. Plus, I took about a 15 minute coffee break with Sweetheart. Today I already have part of my list finished. One of the things on my list is to focus clean the deck. This includes the sliding glass, framing, and tracks. I am not a worrier of hand prints on the glass. I know it drives some people crazy. To me, it is 99% TJ hand prints, which I love. Eventually it becomes one big blob of prints, but this morning I found a lone TJ hand print among the smears of dozens.Yes, I did clean it off!! That little hand will not be so little next summer. I also found filth and chocolate on the outer frame. I was shocked at the dirt, but gosh my kids have fun!!Fudgesicles and summer....what could be better if you are a kid???

I brought out an old friend yesterday. I thought long and hard on this. It is not very "green" of me, but my kitchen floors are so bad on a daily basis. I hate getting the mop and bucket out every day. My WetJet has a "green" cleaner now, but the pads are still an environmental issue. How come bad things make life easier??? I am using the pads sparingly! What a difference it made. I got up to a spotless floor this morning and it had stayed that way all day yesterday with some random spot cleaning.
I did some errands yesterday. One of them was to get some newborn diapers for little Emerson. (More non-green-make-life-easier stuff)
I sent them home with Rachel, but kept one to "play" with....I know, but it is so cute. My hand is on the small side, so look at how little that diaper is.

I also got a surprise yesterday.A new purse and a "flat" wallet. I love it. My neighbor sells Premier Jewelry and I booked a show from her for October. This is the wonderful gift she gives out as a thank you. Too nice!!!
Though I got up early this morning, I went to bed late. Sweetheart and I stayed up and watched a 2 hour and 35 minute movie. It was well worth the late night.

I am still getting things ready for Monday's start of the new school year. Our books arrived yesterday, so I am going to spend the next couple of days organizing our lessons. Here is what my desk looks like now.I found a great link through Lori's blog to get homeschool T-shirts and tote bags. All t's are on sale for 5.99 right now. I love this one....And of course my sick wit likes this one too!!!!I better get those binders together and switch my laundry around. Have a blessed day!!!


Mindy Pfohl said...

Oh my! The last t-shirt is my favorite! Some of the docs my kids see absolutely shutter when they are reminded that we are home schoolers. I wish I had that shirt for all 4 of us! I'd be tempted to wear them to EVERY appointment. Ok, I'm sorry! That's just bad isn't it? NOw that I'm feeling convicted... I will sign off for the day! Blessings as you go through your day! -Mindy

Copper's Wife said...

Wow! Your days are very full leading up to the new school year. Good for you!

Sue said...

Did you know you can knit cloths for your swiffer? They are made out of the same yarn as the dishcloths and probably easier to make :)

A small hand towel can also be sewn to fit, just make "pockets" at either side to slip the base in.

Sarah said...

Things that are bad for the enviroment make life easier for the same reason foods that are bad for you taste so good!:) Like Sue, I have also heard of making cloths for your Swiffer Wet-Jet. I haven't made any because I still have some pads left that came in the starter kit, but when I do, I think that I am going to make mine out of fleece. I read somewhere that fleece is a good option because it won't absorb as much and it sticks to the velcro on the Wet-Jet.

Faythe said...

I found that using my scraps of batting..usually warm & natural work great, I cut the batting into rectangles and just push it into the little crevises.., when its dirty i just take it off flip it over and use the other side..These pieces are what I trim off of my quilt before I bind it.. for my swiffer it works great..I never buy those throw away ones anymore.


One Christian Mom said...

You know those cheap cloth diapers you can get from WalMart or other discount stores? They are not the ones i use on my little one's tush, I actually use them as cleaning cloths. There is an extra absorbant pad in the center, and the tri-fold construction makes them perfect washable pads for the swiffer. You can put vinegar or other non-harmful cleaner in a used (very well washed out) swiffer cleaner container, and viola - an easy green solution!

Niki RuralWritings said...

OK, is the wetjet thingy really worth it??? and Will Amistad make me cry???

My two questions for the day :)

Donetta said...

Hi sis . Sew up some covers for the wet jet from those towels that are super absorbent. Maybe use Velcro. Make two or three and just throw them in the washer.