Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friends and Family

Well it happened. My bed quilt is ruined. It finally is falling apart and I had to flip it over and cover the back side with a much-to-small cover up quilt. Now I have no choice but to get that pink and brown queen size quilt done. I think it was just the push I needed. As soon as Emerson's quilt is done, I will get a few little projects done and then get to my bed quilt.
We have had a pretty nice weekend. On Friday, little Emily came to visit from Wisconsin. She is my good friend's granddaughter and her and TJ are the same age.
They went for a swim in the pool and had a snack. They did some bird watching...
loved on each other (well, TJ did the lovin...Emily looks a little scared)
And built sand castles.
It was a fun day for them.
Friday night Rachel and Bud spent 6 hours having contractions. They took a trip to the hospital where they were told they were in early labor. NOT! It all stopped and she was sent home.
Saturday we went to the store and walked Rachel for a while. Still no contractions. God's timing is best. It is still early, though I doubt she will go til her due date.
Sunday morning we went to church. Isn't Pine Grove Church pretty?
It is set back in a beautiful wooded area and the view from the sanctuary is like you are in a forest. The best part was we all went...yes, even Sweetheart. It was so nice, and he really did enjoy it. I had a very hard Sunday. My head was pounding most of the day, but this evening it seems better. I am just wiped out tired from it. It is not yet 10 pm, but I am heading for bed very shortly. Tomorrow the kids will come for a cookout. Hopefully it will not be another head-ache kind of day. Praying your Labor Day is safe and fun!


Brenda said...

You decorate your house so pretty. That church is very pretty and I like that it looks different. I'm glad you enjoyed the service.

Copper's Wife said...

Oh, what a pretty church! So sorry about your not feeling well, praying that tomorrow is much better. Hey! Maybe Labor Day will spur Rachel on!

Mrs. C said...

I'm glad your hubby was able to attend church with you! :)

Marilyn R said...

Hope your head ache finally went away! I'm so glad you and your whole family is happy at your new church! I'm looking forward to seeing your brown and pink quilt again.

Guðrún said...

I hope you didn´t have headache today. Is it still warm at your place?

Lori... said...

Well Bren, I think it looks beautiful just like it is! I really like the look of what you have done!

I'm sure it will look simply beautiful with the new one!

meggie said...

Those 2 darling little children playing together, are sweet.
Your bed looks fine to me, but I am sure your new quilt will be wonderful.
Sending thoughts for Rachael. My daughter kept giving me 'false starts'. We are so close, we joke now, that she didn't want to leave me, even before she was born.