Monday, August 31, 2009

The Final Week.....

My phone rang bright and early this morning. It was Alphia (the little girl down the street who will be joining us this year).

"Miss Brenda, does school start today?"
"No, Alphia. It starts next Tuesday."

The disappointment was thick!!! She wanted to come down and start school right then and there! I am not as anxious as Alphia to start school. I am prepared. I am organized. I am totally ready to begin this school year.....still, I will relish this final week to sew and quilt whenever my heart desires!
Yesterday was our church picnic. What a fun time it was. Sweetheart has had an awful cold and, though he attended the outside service, I took him home afterwards as he seemed miserable. He tried. It was a nice time for the kids. Here is a problem.....I have NO idea how to handle it. Charlotte likes boys. Yes, I know that is normal. Yes, she is a cutie-pie and the boys will like her too. Yesterday, she was glued to a boy and he was glued to her. No playing with the other children AT ALL. Just the two of them talking and visiting (no touching of any kind). I went looking for them several times. Once I called Charlotte over to me and asked what was going on....Why was she not playing with her best friend Gracie??? Jimmy was showing her what milk weed is. He was giving her lessons on different plants and they shared their dessert in the alcove of the ministry house. PLUS, she was acting much more grown up than usual! I think she had her pinky finger extended the whole time she ate her cupcake....which, by the way, she ate in little delicate bites. Not her usual devouring of the sugar! OH MY! I am not ready for this at all and need to formulate a plan of attack for the next time. Blessedly, Jimmy attends first service and Charlotte attends second service, so they are rarely together, though they attended camp at the same time and I have heard "stories"...nothing bad, but there was some "Charlotte and Jimmy, sittin in a tree" singing going on amongst the other campers!!! She is 12. Only 12 and too young for the boy thing already. God, give me wisdom.

This week is a "do what ever I want week". Sounds very selfish, eh? That's ok. I plan to do some deep cleaning and get my laundry all caught up. I will pull my HMB back out and get my schedules in order. I rarely ever look at my binder as I have it all memorized. I know what needs to be done each day by heart, though with school starting I need to get my days planned out in a more structured fashion.
Some time in my sewing room will happen this week too. After next week, the weekends will be the only time I will have to spend there. Hand quilting will still have it's place during the week, but sewing room time will be more limited.I am loving those fall colors. Today I will be making some trees.A forest full!!!!!
This first week of September will be relaxed and laid back, cause next week it all changes!
Have a blessed Monday!!!!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Loved your homeschool graphics. How true, how true. We are on the home stretch, the last year for the last one..... sigh.......where did the years go ?

Alex said...

My daughter just turned 13 in april I fully understand your panic! :)
All I can say is TALK TALK TALK! Try to put her in Gracie's shoes and think about how her friend is feeling. Make her think about how her actions can affect relationships and help her to be more aware of her emotions and that thinking things through is a good thing. I'm not looking forward to these teenage years but thank God that I'm blessed with a daughter that has a good head on her shoulders...however stubborn it may be. :)
Deep breaths and lots of prayers will get us through!
Will email you later today but responded to your comment on my blog this morning. Thanks again!

Nancy said...

Enjoy your week!! It's so hard to explain to girls that there is plenty of time for boys later on, but now is the time to forge lasting friendships with girls.... Girls will stay with you forever, no matter what...
maybe a time limit that she can spend with members of the opposite sex?
Who am I kidding?? I just had to have the "no girls on the bed in your bedroom watching TV" talk with the 17 year old.

One Christian Mom said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful week planned. We started homeschool last week, but today was our first offical day. Last week was review, this week started new lessons. As for Charlotte, I wish I knew what to tell you other than Pray, but you are going through this sooner than me, my oldest is only 6. God Bless, and get some rest in this week, will ya? :)

Love Bears All Things said...

I guess it is back to school for the homeschooling mom, too, not just the kids. Enjoy this week. Oh dear, I don't know what to say about Charlotte and the boy. I'm afraid that does happen and she is a little lady. We are never ready for our babies to grow up. At least, church is the place they're socializing.
Mama Bear

Niki RuralWritings said...

Enjoy your last week without a school routine!!! :)

I'll be praying for Charlotte, may be time for a purity talk? Email me if you like

Crispy said...

Sometimes I'm very happy to have had only one son and no daughters. No words of wisdom :0(

Poor little one calling her teacher almost begging to be taught LOL.


Marilyn R said...

Enjoy your week Bren! I'm looking forward to your forest of trees!

Winona said...

Bren, sorry I have no good advice about young girls finding boys. I have been there 3 times. Glad I made it through. LOL Your fabric is just beautiful. You know how much I love earthy colors. Winona