Monday, August 10, 2009


It has been a full day, as it should be! Bread went into the oven. I mixed 1 cup of whole wheat into the 3 cups of white flour for these loaves. I hope they turn out. They are still rising in the above picture. They do smell heavenly, so if they taste as good as they look and smell, I will be pleased! I finished the baby is your turn Coleen!!! Not a very pretty quilt, but some nice texture will make a huge difference! Zach found a strip left over and became a Ninja!! I love boys!I spent a good part of the day organizing the up coming school year. I will be homeschooling my neighbor's 2 girls, Anya and Alphia, along with my own. It will be part time...Monday and Wednesday I will have Alphia, and Tuesday and Thursday I will have Anya. Friday they will both be here for a more laid back day. Our curriculum is varied.
Math is Horizons....they are all at different levels and will do this M-F.
Science, Social Studies, and English are PACE's. Zach and Alphia are at the same level and Charlotte and Anya work at the same level....that makes it easy. These are done on M-Th.
Spelling will be Spelling Power (also M-Th).
I will be using Living Books for History....United States and Capitals on Monday and Wednesday, and U.S. Presidents on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mystery of History will be added later in the year, as will a handwriting program.
Bible will be an indepth study of the book of Romans and will be done M-F.
Daily read aloud (fiction literature) and reading at home will be assigned.
Fridays will be a nice day...math and Bible, but then we will be doing some cooking, needle work, art projects, or field trips....whatever is planned.....and the 3 girls will be doing the Maidens of Virtue book while making a scrap book. On the days Anya and Alphia are home, their Mom will be working with them on the lessons I have planned out. Each child has a weekly card telling them what needs to be done in each subject. I put together our yearly file box which stores the books and papers for the year. One is being put together for Anya and Alphia also. School will be 9-11:30 or 12, and then the girls go home for lunch and come back for an hour or two in the afternoon.Charlotte and Zach cleaned out their school buckets and have them ready for new supplies.....ahhhhh the smell of brand new crayolas!!
To see what other homeschoolers are planning, visit HsKubes Haven at Home.
I have not touched the basket quilt in a full day. Tonight I will get back at it. I am almost finished with block #3! It's one of my favorites in the whole quilt, so I am enjoying it.
Now I need to go figure out something wonderful to fix with that homemade bread. It is dinner time!!!


blushing rose said...

Get that butter out! I am on my way over!! Chuckle! TTFN ~Marydon

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ The bread looks sooooooooo good!! I sent your little scrubies out today, don't know how long it will take for them to get there.

Marilyn R said...

Home made bread yum! Getting new school supplies was always so much fun. Yes, I remember getting new crayons and using them for the first time!

pins and needles said...

Nothing better than homemade bread. Makes a house smell like Home. Hope your dinner was good too. Chris

Crispy said...

My hat is off to you for doing the home schooling. I was lucky and lived in the best most progressive school district and knew that my son was getting a good education and lots of help with his dyslexia issues.


Susan said...

Your bread looks delicious! Sounds like an exciting school year you have planned. You'll have your own one-room schoolhouse! :)

Andrea Cherie said...

Bren~ That is so exciting to hear you are sharing your motherly calling to homeschool with your neighbor girls! I will be praying for you as it will bring new change and challenge to your family's regular routine.

And that basket is gorgeous!

We are gearing up for fall Bible study and quilt group soon at my church- our boy quilt selection is bone dry. My mom had a fabulous idea for finding some fun and different boy fabrics (besides sports and animals) ~ She is a huge Ross Dress for Less shopper and mentioned that Tommy Hilfiger makes several really fun and cool printed sheets that she sees there all the time! Surfboards, lobster, anchors, etc! We are excited to try this method this fall!

Coleen said...

I can almost smell the bread. Wish I'd been there for some, I love bread.
You're so organized, I love to look at all your different systems.
Maybe someday some of it will rub off LOL.

I'll pick the quilt up after work on Thursday.

Alesha said...

Planning a new school year is always so fun! The thing I enjoyed the most was that fresh, brand new lesson plan book - without a mark in it!!! many dreams were held there in those pages. It was always a nice place to start for me, anyway. (of course, I was teaching 4th and 5th grades, not homeschooling!) But the excitement of the preparation is still the same, I know. Can't wait to hear about your year this year. And with the addition of two new students, it should be very interesting! : )

I think the baby quilt is VERY pretty, for what it's worth!!! And I bet the mom-to-be will too!!!


One Christian Mom said...

I think the quilt turned out pretty - I can't wait to see the final product :) I love the ninja pic - too cute. And I want some of that bread! I think I will do some baking tomorrow :)

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like you have an interesting year planned. Having other children there will help with motivation, I'm sure. How exciting!
Is your Hubby still on leave from work? Honey Bear and I are talking about ways to supplement our income and save money during his retirement. One of our big expenses will be my health insurance. I may have to take a part time job to pay it. I know there are many ways to save on groceries. Baking bread will be one of them. Any pointers would be appreciated.
Mama Bear

Guðrún said...

There is a LOT of planning when you are homeschooling, I admire how organized you are.

Debi said...

I admire you on so many levels. Wish you lived closer so we could visit.

Donetta said...

love you

lady m said...

The bread looks wonderful! I am also in the process of printing out schedules for the upcoming year ;)

What a blessing you are going to be to those two little girls.

lady m

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have found when I use that ratio of one cup whole wheat to three cups white flour, even people who don't eat whole wheat like it.

Some ask me what the secret ingredient is, I think whole wheat has more flavor and that is what they notice.

When I make bread for our sandwiches or dinner rolls, I use half whole wheat and half white.

Although we haven't homeschooled officially for two years, it still is strange not to be planning right now.

Rose Marie said...

.... and I'm still playing with crayons! Your basket quilt is gorgeous and how do you like the machine basting done on this quilt by your friend?

With your bread ... if no one wants the end pieces, send them to me!

HsKubes said...

I enjoyed reading your homeschooling plan. I'm sure it will be a blessing to your neighbor that you are helping her this year!
Thank you for sharing. ;o)

Happy Homeschooling!
~ Christina