Friday, August 7, 2009

A Full Hoop

I took my first quilting stitches in the Basket Case tonight. I think it will quilt up fast....I hope so anyway.
I have the baby quilt more than 1/2 way put together. It will be done tomorrow....Lord willing.
It has been a full and busy week and I am ready for some down time. A quilt in the hoop is just the ticket!!!
It is Feminine Friday at Valencia's blog.We spent most of today at my mother's house. I grabbed another broom skirt from the closet. These are my favorite kind of skirt....very comfy. A broom skirt is usually light weight cotton, though the one I wore today has some stretch to it. You wash it in the washer but instead of throwing it in the dryer, you twist it and let it dry that way. Then it has a broom appearance when shaken open. A solid black tee and some black sandals completed my simple outfit. Short and sweet baskets are calling.


Crispy said...

How do you like quilting on the quilt after being basted by your friend? I enlarged the picture to be sure, but I didn't see one cootie on it ROFL.


Marilyn R said...

The quilting on the basket quilt has begun - Yeah! It will sure be a beauty!

SunshineCoastMum said...

That is my favourite outfit. Although I've never heard them called broom skirts before. I love the fact that they don't need ironing!

Coleen said...

Now the fun begins. It sure looks good in the hoop. You'll have it done before Christmas.

Guðrún said...

You look great :) How are you going to quilt the basket quilt?

Love Bears All Things said...

I thought of taking a photo for this Friday but couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash or take a self portrait without the flash showing in the mirror. I had on a peach shell and a print skirt with sandals. I love dressing this way in the summer.
You've sure been busy to have so much accomplished. Do you usually get your friend to baste your quilts?
Mama Bear

Niki RuralWritings said...

I really like that outfit, you look very nice in it :)

Can't wait to see the baskets quilted.
Have a wonderful week

lady m said...

Very nice!

I enjoy the baskets also ;)

Thank you for sharing,

lady m

pins and needles said...

Bren I had never thought about taking the tops to a LA quilter to get the basting done. The Basket blocks look really fantastic. Hope you find all the time you want to quilt. Chris