Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pumpkin Spice

Mmmmmmm. I love pumpkin pie and the colors that go into it! My next quilt will have all those colors. Deep pumpkin orange, dark brown nutmeg and clove, golden ginger, cinnamon, and even though it does not go in the pie, a deep, pumpkin stem, green.
Not one single pastel! Look at this pumpkin colored fabric I picked up. It is hard to get the right colors on the computer, but it is the exact color of a fresh baked pumpkin pie. It will be in the quilt, but will also be the wide border with a deep nutmeg as the smaller border.
Not sure about you but I can not wait til Thanksgiving!


Donetta said...

why Bren its thanksgiving every day!
that is just gorgeous!

Coleen said...

Please don't rush summer, my hummers will be gone soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Orange is my favorite color, I love fall and everything about it! Those are gorgeous colors, you're making me want to pull out my fall fabrics too! Actually i am a season further along, I am working on Bonnie Hunters new Christmas mystery quilt and am making 2 of them. I imagine it will be awhile before I can have my fall fabrics to work with!Can't wait to see your quilt, especially love your hand quilting on them!!

Jennifer said...

I love autumn colors and love pumpkin pie even more. Good choices! Can't wait to see the final product.

One Christian Mom said...

Ohhh, that looks like it is going to be absolutely gorgeous!

julieQ said...

OH, Yum! Love the whipped cream too. OH, were we talking about fabric? Hee!

Crispy said...

I love Thanksgiving it's my favorite holiday and the only time I will eat pumpkin pie...seems wrong any other time of the year.

Is the picture in the book the quilt you are making? Very Pretty!!


Andrea Cherie said...

Oh Yum!! I might just have to bake me a pie soon!

I bet that quilt will be gorgeous!

Love Bears All Things said...

Someone besides me is wishing for Fall.I love Pumpkin Pie. My studio is looking like yours as I work on my Fall wall hanging.
Mama Bear

karenfae said...

yummy! it will be delicious :)

Julie said...

Thats my favorite thing about fall.. the great colors.
Dh laughs at me because I keep telling him my next home will be shades of Autumn. :)