Friday, August 14, 2009

Play Time

It has been pretty hot here in my part of the country. Life is about play these days. For me that means quilting and computer. Quilting is going great, though I wanted to make more progress yesterday than I did. My computer problems took care of that. I will come back to the computer problem. The baskets are showing signs of becoming an actual quilt.
The texture appearing on the back is always a real indicator of just how much quilting is done.
It has been an easy quilt in this stage. Enjoyable....finally.My computer.....I got a message on my Facebook page yesterday from a friend to view a "Coooool Video". I clicked on the link and all h&ll broke loose! It was a (triple)Trojan virus. My McAffee blocked a good chunk of it, but not all of it, as I am getting pop ups and all kinds of bogus scans running. I will need to have a friend look at it. Then that thing started sending it to my friends list on Facebook. I warned people not to open it, but I did delete my Facebook page. That took the message to view the video down, so hopefully no one got hit like I did. Facebook is not something I was very impressed with. It was a time sucker for me and even though I did not go there often in the beginning, I found myself checking it several times a day. I had been thinking of dropping it, as my blogs are more than enough to fill my computer time (which is limited by my own guidelines), but the virus was the kicker to end my time there. I have heard that Twitter and Facebook get these virus hits often. I think Blogger is enough for me. :0)
I mentioned that our days are about play....Zach and Charlotte have been keeping busy with their "arts" too. Charlotte is crocheting her little heart out in between hanging with her little friends. Zach, has been building with his Legos and wants to put this picture of his latest engineering masterpiece on (??) Kyle has been working hard during the day and in the afternoon hangs with some friends playing basketball or watching his movies. Sweetheart spent a day at his Mom's and otherwise, he has kept busy around here.
My design wall holds my newest "toy". 72 Nine Patch blocks from my swap with Linda. The design wall does not hold them all! I am playing with lay out and color. I am thinking a brown for setting blocks??? Still considering.Not a lot of time for playing with quilt blocks today. I will not be doing Feminine Friday as we are going to a State Park hiking and for a picnic with the kids, so I will be wearing jeans. I will take the camera. Tomorrow my grandchildren come for an over night at Grandmas! I can hardly wait. I have not seen them in 10 (TEN) days!!!! Can you believe it??!! They only live a couple of miles away, and this terrible Grandma let that time pass. I will need to make that up!!
Have a wonderful weekend and be blessed!!!!


Nancy said...

I agree....blogger is enough for me too.
The quilting is coming along very nicely. I admire you for hand quilting. I just do not enjoy it.

I am jealous of your 9-patches. They are so cute and brown is a great color to set them off.

Andrea Cherie said...

Ah! I never knew you were on Facebook!? And now you're gone! :(

I'm impressed with Zachary's tower!

Crispy said...

Sounds like you have been busy Bren. I love looking at the back of the quilt, such a different perspective. Love the WIP. Have fun with the grandkids!!


NeeCee said...

My daughter's computer was hit by the same virus. I had a computer friend come and fix it, but it was a time consuming fix. I wish people would use their talents and time for good instead of ruining people's stuff. ::grrr::

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

The basket quilt is looking great. I love the nine patch blocks. Sorry about the virus your computer had. It is such a mess to get one of those. Tell Zach his tower is fantastic. Have a great sleep over with the grands. Karen

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

The basket quilt is looking great. I love the nine patch blocks. Sorry about the virus your computer had. It is such a mess to get one of those. Tell Zach his tower is fantastic. Have a great sleep over with the grands. Karen

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm not all that excited with Facebook either. Why are all these people wanting to be my friend? I seldom visit my page. Yesterday, Daughter FYI me that DIL had posted pictures. I went right over and saved them to my computer. These are the first of those 3 grandchildren I've seen in 2 years. A Shame!
I had some malicious ware(Malware?) show up on my computer this week. It does take time to get rid of it.

Does Kyle still have his girl friend?

Aren't Lego blocks wonderful? I think they are one of the most wonderful toys invented.

Basket Case is looking good.
Mama Bear

Donetta said...

sorry you got trampled by the trojan. arg!
Hay the quilts are very pretty
What about a tea stained setting block it looks in the photo sorta aged in character.

Coleen said...

The baskets are looking good!!!

Guðrún said...

No I can hardly believe it has been 10 days since you saw them, what a joy it will be tomorrow.

Niki RuralWritings said...

your quilting is beautiful, everytime I see it it amazes me!
I'm on facebook, mostly to see my kids pics and funny comments.
Have a wonderful weekend

julieQ said...

Yuck, too bad about the virus for sure! Love the nine patch blocks, I think brown would be so pretty as a setting color.

Julie said...

Another thing our kids have in common. My oldest boy can make the most amazing things from legos. My boys could play all day with Legos. :)