Sunday, January 3, 2010

Grands and Big Projects

I had TJ and Emerson for the afternoon last Wednesday. They were going out of town for several days and I knew I would not see them for a while. I had such fun with little Emerson. That girl will NOT walk!!! She walks on her knees, upright, but not on her feet. When you "walk" her, or she is walking around furniture, she walks on her tippy toes. She can stand up by herself, but she just refuses to walk. Nothing wrong, it is pure tippy toe stubbornness!!! She loves the clear plastic box that holds her alphabet toys.......
What a HAM!!!!!!!
TJ measures himself by the bricks on the fireplace (so do Charlotte and Zach). He figures he has grown a whole brick last week!!! He may well have! That kid is TALL!When Charlotte was his age, she fit under that arch!
They will be back home later today and I will see them tomorrow for a little bit.
We are starting a BIG project here next week. It will cut into my quilting time I am afraid....I did meet my goal and got 1 side done this week, but it was tough! That is A LOT of quilting. This project involves moving rooms around in our home....major moves which effect everyone. I will share them as they happen, but can you guess which room is moving first and to where???
Take a guess!
Blessings, Bren


Dani said...

Hmmm... I'm guessing your sewing room is moving first. But to where is the question. Down in to the basement, in to the dining room? Hmmm.....

Niki said...

Hey! Dani stole my comment!! Sewing room to the dining room????
hmmm....I feel like I should have an edge here since I've been to your house....yup, thats my guess...unless Kyle is giving up his domain in the basement??
Do tell!

Dani said...

Okay, so sewing room to the man room. Kids tv area to... hmmm... trying to think of all of the rooms I know of your house. I don't think you would be moving Zach or Charlotte as they both have just had their rooms fixed up. Kid's tv area to Kyle's room and Kyle to the sewing room? Would Kyle be willing to give up his space though as Niki said.

Libby said...

That Emerson is a DOLL!! How cute!! I can't guess what is moving, maybe your sewing room..but I don't know where! Can't wait to see!

Guðrún said...

Your sewing room will be the first but I don´t know where???

Susan said...

I want to say your sewing room, but also thinking maybe your bedroom? To where . . . the basement, but I know Kyle and the "man room" are down there, so where would they be moving if your sewing room is moving down there? I don't know! You'll just have to tell us! :)

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

I think you will be moving your sewing room. I am not sure where you will put it. Guess I will wait and see.....!

Emerson is soooooo cute! I am chasing Jak this coming semester about 50 hours a week. With this cast on my foot ..that is HARD! LOL
I am not sure if you want Emerson that!

Yes, I can tell that TJ is growing up. He is tall.

Crispy said...

Your grands are so darn cute!! I haven't a clue what your moves will include, but it sounds like too much work to me ROFL.


Linda said...

Oh Bren another sewing room move. I'm guessing down stairs to the man room. Are you having a family member move back home?

Love Bears All Things said...

Are you swapping your sewing room & Charlotte's bedroom? I know you already had your sewing room in the dining room, once.
Mama Bear