Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hanging On To Hope

I am not sure how many more of these catchy Hope titles I can come up with! I was certain this mornings update would be titled, "Hope Is Gone". On Friday morning, the shelter lady came and took Hope to the Vet. When she left, Hope was walking on her own, eating, drinking and she had even pooped before she left. I would say she was 70% better than when we brought her home. The vet did blood work and assessed the wound. She said the wound would heal, but that Hope was so dehydrated she "could expire at any minute". The shelter lady called me and told me that she wanted to keep Hope over night and pump 300cc's of fluid into her through IV. Yesterday she brought Hope home. She could not even walk. She kept falling down and dragging her hind quarters like a wounded soldier in a movie. She worked so hard to get to the litter box that once she got there she just laid in it. I had to hold up her body so she could go potty and then I carried her back to her box. The lady told me she did not give Hope fluids because her "fluids were dried up". The vet said for them to help her would cost more than PAWS (the shelter) wanted or I could pay, and she probably wouldn't make it anyway. She is eating thimble fulls and I have to syringe water/pedialyte into her. She did not rally like before and I was sure she would be gone this morning. Hope is still alive, hanging on, still unable to walk and can barely meow. Sweetheart is upset. He thinks taking her out and drawing blood and her being in a cat carrier for 30+ hours was too much for her. I have put so much "hope" into this cat....too much I am afraid. I have clung to the process of helping her recover like an obsession. I felt like I could not help all the other things going on in and around my life, but I COULD help a dying cat. Now I am not so sure. Maybe we should have named her Faith.

Ok, onto other things. My grandkids came to visit and spend Friday night with us. They are a delight!!! Emerson is a busy little thing and since she started walking EVERYTHING is new to her. You can almost hear her thinking, "Hey! I never saw that before....let me touch it!" She saw a picture of her self and squealed in delight saying "Baby. Baby". She enjoyed playing the piano with PawPaw.She is so on the move I could only get good pics while she was in her highchair or being held. Since Kyle has moved upstairs, Emerson's bedroom in my house is gone. She slept in Zach's room which meant Zach and TJ slept in our room. TJ had a fitful night of tossing and turning and MAJOR teeth grinding like I have never heard before . At breakfast he seemed well rested, though irritated with my camera antics.
Emerson wakes up all smiles and ready for a new day of discovery.
Today, we will spend some time with them again and I will need to come home every hour or so to give Hope more fluids. Luckily my son only lives a few miles away!
Say an extra prayer for Hope.


Rita said...

Dear Bren,
I will be praying for Hope. Prepare yourself for this because it does not look so good. I am so very sorry. I pray that she will make a miraculous recovery. My experience has been though that when it gets like this kittens usually give up. Praying for better and encouraging days ahead for you and yours.

Nancy said...

Even if Hope doesn't come through you will know that you made her last days so much better than they would have been.... I will keep praying for a miraculous recovery...

Libby said...

I'm so sorry that Hope isnt doing well! I am so glad that she is home with ya'll instead of at the vet's office. I think this will be a comfort to her! You have done good by her Bren! I'm not giving up Hope yet, still praying!

Love Bears All Things said...

You know, there are morning people and night people. I don't know what makes us that way but it is there even when we're young. As is the case with your grandchildren. I have wished to be a morning person. I can get up early but still need a couple of hours to get going. For a flight leaving at 6AM, say, I'd get up at 2:30 or so. Honey Bear, who is a morning person, gets up 15 minutes before leaving the house. He can't believe I would get up so early.
Hope has found a way into our hearts. She is certainly a fighter.
Bless you,
Mama Bear

Crispy said...

Awww Bren, you worked so hard with the poor little thing. It might have been too much of a shock being separated from her new family and maybe the love will help again. Prayers are going up.

Your grands are so dang cute!! Makes me miss mine :o(


Copper's Wife said...

You really are doing all you can for Hope. The loving, tender care you've given her has to be soothing to her no matter how sick she is.

So fun to see the grandkids enjoying their time with you! Emerson's little face makes me smile.

The Ag Teacher's Wife said...

I am praying for Hope! I have experience in veterinary clinics, and I have seen love bring animals back. Bless you and your sweet family for giving Hope, well, hope! Fluids are the key, so keep giving her water and electrolytes like you are doing. Have a wonderful day with your family and grandbabies!

Donetta said...

Hay you are helping her Bren. Think of it! A cat dieing alone nobody to help it. See what I am saying live or die a season for all things but to live and to die with dignity and love is a wealth.

love you

Mountain Mama said...

Emerson is such a cutie! And getting so big.

You are so sweet to "love" and care for Hope. I do hope she survives this ordeal. Keep on pouring the love to that cat!! You know she lo-oves it!!

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Still praying and pulling for Hope. You have done such a marvelous job caring for her.

The Grandkids are just beautiful. Emerson is such a beauty. TJ is really growing. I love their pics you post.

Praying for you Bren and the family that everything that is troubling you will get better soon.
Hugs to all, Karen