Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help, I'm Trapped In Here!!!!

It's been a while since I posted. I always realize that when my mom asks me if I posted on the blog. Since finishing up the big project, I have had some trouble getting back into my routines. Instead of picking up my needle, I picked up a novel.
GREAT book and I have the next two ready to begin. I did, however, get my quilting groove back in the last couple of days. (I think the book helped in that department!) I have been hand quilting the Pink and Brown and turned a corner on the edge.....The Hidden Star piecing has picked up again. I decided to change the size and layout, so I needed to cut 2 more blocks to add to the 40 I already had planned. Now it will lay 6x7 blocks instead of the 5x8 I had planned for the super single water bed my son had back when I cut this quilt!Very soon, I will be helping a friend cut out her first quilt....a Jacob's Ladder. One of my favorite blocks, as you can do so much with the layout and create a totally different look with one single block.
Zach has done some creating too. He put this 3-D dinosaur puzzle together with NO help at all!!!He has carried it with him everywhere he goes since putting it together! Thank you, Miss Cindy!!!!
I have also been working on my fitness routines. Ugly Betty the treadmill and I have been together alot the past week. I have dropped 4 pounds in 5 days, so it was worth it. Have you ever seen the movie, The Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy?There is a scene where he falls asleep and dreams he gets fatter and fatter until he is like this HUGE creature and everyone runs in fear of him.It is a terrifying dream for him. I had one similar last night. I was not as tall as a skyscraper, but I kept getting fatter and fatter and I was yelling for someone to help me and that I was trapped inside all that fat! That is about how I feel! I am lost in here....I need to get out, but no one else is going to rescue me....I have to do the hard work. I plan to up my treadmill time to 2-3 times a day instead of once....I only can do 30 minutes right now before my legs scream at me to stop! That is so sad!
Well, I don't want to end this post on a fat note, but I have nothing else to share....I am going to spend the afternoon piecing the Hidden Star blocks and the evening quilting. Lest you think I have let my chores go, I have already spent my morning doing 4 loads of laundry and blessing my house with a mop and a dust rag! Now it is time for fun!!


Niki said...

I'm starting Aquafit with a friend next wednesday...and doing my walking dvd's....sigh...I just need some MOTIVATION and AMBITION!!!
Have a blessed week

Crispy said...

Glad to hear you have gotten your quilting mojo back and that you have been hanging out with Ugly Betty often, keep up the good work!!


Libby said...

I always loving seeing your work! You have such talent! I am with you on the exercise part! I can not believe that I have let myself get so out of shape! It makes me very sad! I battle daily with doing what I should do versus doing what I want to do! Keep up the good work! Hey! All that laundry should count as a workout!

Love Bears All Things said...

I love these books. After reading the first one, I went and bought a sampler book and material to make it. It is still a UFO. I had made a couple of rail quilts by then for the "Grands" so I wasn't a complete novice.
I eagerly await each new book she writes. I know you will love them all.
Mama Bear

Winona said...

Bren, I love that series of books. I haven't read the last few. Don't know why I stopped. Maybe a trip to the library is in order. (grin) I was sick all last week and now have to go to the dentist tomorrow. I thought I had the flu, but ended up having an infected tooth. My jaw has been quite interesting. LOL I just hope the infection is down enough so that he can pull this nasty thing tomorrow. Enough about me. I love your new setup. I am sure it is great to have so much space. The pink and brown is looking great. Been missing you. Winona

Jenni said...

The quilting looks lovely, as does the quilt. It looks great up on the wall.