Friday, January 22, 2010

Still Hoping

Hope is quickly making herself a part of the family! NOT what I wanted. How in the world will we let her go? She LOVES the guys in the house....especially Sweetheart who is NOT a cat person. I will catch him baby talking her and rubbing her ears often, but he brushes it off saying he "feels sorry for her". She still loves her box and sleeps there often.
I was told to remove the bandage after she had been on the antibiotic for 24 hours. It looked terrible from all the ointment. It is now drying out and looking better, but still ICK! That is raw flesh near her shoulder. For an emaciated animal she is quite the finicky eater. She turns her nose up at the most expensive of cat foods and wants fresh cooked ground chuck or oven broasted chicken. She gets her nails caught in the Berber carpet and can't get loose and, SOMEHOW, she got her tail stuck on the top of her back paw. It looked like maybe some of her antibiotic got on her tail and as she slept it "glued" itself to her paw. THAT was a sight to see! There is always something with this girl! Now she has not pooped in 3 days! Yeesh!!! Maybe it will not be so difficult to let her go after all! LOLJust because I need to laugh, I will share this, which gave me a nice chuckle this morning when I found it in my inbox.


Libby said...

HA!! That is funny! I am glad that Hope is mending nicely! Animals just have a way of making themselves home in our hearts!

Susan said...

Maybe Hope's name should be changed to Princess! ;) I'm afraid she'd have to get a little hungry if I had to cook for her, then maybe she'd decide she liked kitty food after all. The cheap kind. Ahem. But not until she was well! LOL I'm hopeless! No pun intended.

Love the two little old ladies! LOL

Love Bears All Things said...

Perhaps her food preferences have to do with what she was eating before. I wonder if her wound could have been caused by a color getting caught under her front leg. We had a Siamese cat once. On a trip to our cabin, he got lost and didn't come back when we called. We were getting ready to go home and had to go without him. Next time we went to the cabin, he was there. His flea collar was around his front leg, under his shoulder, like that. Apparently, it had gotten caught on something and he had managed to get his leg through it.
Our Smokey is particular about his diet. Fancy Feast Florentine Medleys are what he likes. I give him half a can morning and evening. The rest of the time he has dry food available, Feline Favorites from Purina.
It is easy to get attached to an animal.
Mama Bear

Auntea said...

Yeah, I was wondering how she was doing. Hang in there Hope! When I took in my sick little stray she couldn't eat cat food. I had to scramble her an egg for food every day. A little milk over bread crumbs usually sits well on their upset tummies too. Eventually she was able to eat whatever I gave her. Keep up the great work & loving.

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

I was so glad to hear that Hope is doing better. I love the little funny at the end of your post. LOL! Hugs, Karen