Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grand Blessings!!!

Can you believe how incredibly handsome my grandson is??? After doing his sister's hair, he asked if I could style his. He was very proud of his new do! I had a wonderful time with the kids this weekend. I had them Friday overnight. TJ and Zach went sledding with the next door neighbors. They had built a hill and had a blast. Emerson watched and waved from the window. A few days later and all that snow is gone!!! My time with the kids went by much too quickly. They left Saturday morning, but returned on Sunday late afternoon for Sunday dinner. TJ helped me prepare fried chicken tenders. He cracked all the eggs...........but when it came time to touch the tenders into the egg mixture, he decided he would rather do the flouring!!! Sorry for the blur.
We had a nice dinner. While dinner was cooking, TJ got hungry so he decided to make a sandwich. (he did eat dinner too) He told me he needs a chef's hat. I will have to look for one!! Emerson played hard and was very tired, but not too tired for some "twinkie" time with Paw Paw. She loves her sweets!!!He did not give her a whole twinkie.....just a bit, and she loved it. He was her new best friend!! She says PawPaw quite well. She also says "Grandma" but it sounds a bit like "SpongeBob"!!!! I will answer to anything from that sweetie pie!
My friend, Linda, made a beautiful gift for Emerson. 4 GORGEOUS hair clips. Her hair is too thin for them now, but we can clip them to a headband and make her a movie star!!! Aren't they beautiful??? Thank you, Linda!

My son had them until Monday morning and I would not normally see them for another 2 weeks, but since my sister in love, Sherry, will be visiting, their parents worked it out for them to return again next weekend. I am happy for them that their mom and dad are thinking of them first. Even though it had always been that way, you never know what divorce will do. I am so happy that my grandkids are not a weapon and that they have parents who put their own emotions aside to do what is best for the kids. In such a horrible scenario, it is the best anyone can hope for. Can you tell I am not over this yet??? LOL I am working on it!!! I know it is for the best where the adults are concerned, but for the kids, I still mourn.
On to another subject....I spent yesterday morning in a dentist chair. I do love my dentist, but not going through the procedures. Just a filling, and not the dreaded root canal we thought would happen, yet I am quite sore today. It took 3 shots and I still felt some pain. I have been grinding and clenching again to the point of jaw pain and so I need to learn some relaxation techniques for before I fall asleep.....also I grind while I am awake without knowing it until it is too late.
In the last 3 weeks of dealing with the jaw pain, I have gotten some quilting done. I am on the 3rd side of the pink border and plan to finish it all up today, then, on to the brown border and binding. So close I can "see" it done!!!! I better get my day going here. Lots to do!!!!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!


Linda said...

Now that the rain has stopped and the mud has dried up I can venture into the storage shed and find the headbands and send one to you.

Crispy said...

Your grands are so dang cute Bren. Emerson looks like she wanted to be out there too LOL. I became the best gramma in the world when I shared my vanilla milk shake with Saige LOL.


karenfae said...

glad you get to see your grandchildren often and that the divorce is working out without pulling the kids in all directions. That is the best way to handle it. The kids are so cute.

Sweet P said...

Grandchildren are wonderful! It's good you get to see them so much and they are not caught up in the drama a divorce can create.

Copper's Wife said...

He's a handsome boy, indeed; and Emerson is a cutie-pie! So glad you had such a sweet time with them.

Libby said...

WOW!! Those sweet kiddies are growing so fast!! T.J looks so grown up! You are doing a great job with them! Cade grinds his teeth at night so bad that he has ripped out all his spacers for braces. Twice! The spreader that he has in now is set up to help relieve some of the pressure! Dentist says that it is stress...it makes me so sad to think about a little 10 year old being under that much stress.

Hope that you are having a great week!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Bren, Great to see your grandchildren. I think they will be fine as long as the adults continue to behave like adults. Your son and is ex are doing well.
BTW, I know what you mean about the dentist :)
Hugs, Sharon

Guðrún said...

TJ looks older with the new hair do. They are both so cute and I am glad that their parents think of them first. As you say it is not given,