Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Hug From God

Has it been a week already??? I have been spending much time with my new best friend.........my Neti Pot. It is a freaky little contraption, but I am seeing positive effects, so I will keep him close by! Anyone with sinus problems, really should invest in one.
Yesterday was Charlotte's crochet class. I go along and hand quilt while they all crochet. Charlotte's teacher, Miss Mary, had a large bag with her this week. She handed it to me and told me not to be "offended". I was puzzled by that, but opened the bag and inside was the most beautiful crocheted afghan EVER made! She made it to look like a quilt. I laid it out to take a picture and instantly a cat and a kid climbed on it!!!I could get the kid off, but the cat had other ideas!Isn't it gorgeous! I cried big-fat-baby tears and hugged her neck. She said, "God told me to make this for you so you could feel his love. It is from Him." More big-fat-baby tears!!It is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Mary has no idea of the things going on in my life and I barely know her. God knows, though, and Mary hears His voice. I am speechless.While suffering in silence with my sinus, (say that 3 times really fast!), I have been doing a lot of hand quilting. Between laying with the heating pad on my face and the Neti Pot up my nose, I have managed to get a jump on Emerson's quilt. Some cutting and piecing.Mostly, though, it has been hand quilting.That entire cream triangle was finished last night and now I have 2 and 1/2 blocks and the entire body of the Pink and Brown will be finished!!! Once that is done, the borders will be quilted up and the binding put on! I even remember where the binding fabric is!!!!
I was able to spend yesterday afternoon with my mom, out to lunch and some shopping. It was great to get out of here, and I love my time with her. I think, other than a couple of trips to Walgreens, I have been couped up in the house all week.
Sassy, though still a bit stuffy in the mornings, is recovering from her sinus infection quite nicely. She was a tad irritated with me yesterday when I disturbed her nap with some picture taking.Today is a special day....It is Winona's birthday!!!!
She has taken a blogging break, but I know she reads her emails, so leave a Happy Birthday message on her last post and she will get it! She is a wonderful friend and I count it an honor that I have gotten to know and love her!!
That is about it for now. Hopefully it won't be a whole week before I get back here.
Have a blessed day!!!


Pat said...

I started using a neti pot about 2 years ago (same one you have) and it has cut my sinus headaches by about 90%-I could not believe the difference. Instead of buying the refill salt packets I use canning salt and a baking soda mix (kosher salt will also work). You can do some checking on the web for "recipes".

Beautiful afghan! Lots of hugs in that one.

karenfae said...

the quilting looks great - I have not heard of the neti pot.

live4god said...

Oh Bren that is just beautiful... what a gift God has sent you:) And the talent you have in your handquilting I am inspired each time I stop in. Big hugs to all of you! Funny thing my newest kitty (little princess') birthday present ha say that three times lol, anyway the kitty also came home from the shelter with a sinus issue and now the old cat is getting it too...off to the vet for more meds on Thursday when I go to town. Take Care and Love in Christ ,

Katie said...

Lovely quilt-inspired afghan...what a neat gift to receive! I haven't stopped by in a while, but I think about you and pray for you dear Bren! You were an encouragement to me in a time I needed it (regarding homeschooling), and I was so grateful for your kind words. Just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and I hope you are doing well.


Alesha said...

Oh, Bren! Isn't He so GOOD to us? I am so pleased that the Lord chose to show you His love in such a "just-for-Bren" way. Crying a few big fat baby tears with you, Alesha

Susan said...

Hugs from God are awesome! That crocheted quilt is just beautiful, Bren. Sassy sure seems to love it! LOL

moreofhim said...

I have a friend who uses a Neti pot and it just sounds way too bizarre for me! LOL I'm glad you're getting some relief, though!

I LOVE your afghan! What a gorgeous gift to give to you. I'm so glad you got that -what a special hug from the Lord! It's beautiful on your couch, by the way.

Take care and God bless you - Julie

Meggie said...

How lovely of Mary to give you such a nice gift! YDI!
Your beautiful handquilting is amazing, Brenda.

Libby said...

That is a beautiful afghan!! Those springs colors are so cheery!
This was a great post! I love seeing your quilting and Miss Sassy! I hope that you are feeling better! It is so good to hear from you!

Crispy said...

Oh Bren, what a beautiful gift!! I love granny square afghans. I hope your poor lil head gets better quickly!!

Off to send Winona a HB e-mails, thanks for letting me know :0)


Debi said...

Beautiful afghan, the colors are so cheery. I hope you are feeling better today.

Melzie said...

what a special gift that afghan is, such precious meaning behind it :) love ya! mel

Guðrún said...

The afghan is beautiful, it is so special that this lady put all this work in an afghan just for you.

Anonymous said...
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Sweet P said...

What a gorgeous hug from God! I hope you find yourself enjoying it often.

SunshineCoastMum said...

Am interested in neti-pot as we all suffer from allergies and sinus problems here. How exactly do you use it?? The afghan is very pretty and such a sweet gesture. PS We love Sassy!!

debbieo said...

My whole family uses a netti pot and also the neil med which is a bottle with a tube that you squeeze gently into your nose. I like to use that one in the shower. We know when we need to use it. It helps with sore throats too.