Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mid Week Already!!!

There is alot going on around here. I have been planning a post for several days and something always trumps it. Oh will keep. First I want to introduce my new grand-puppy. Her name is Miya. She is VERY tiny. Those are 5 inch squares on the quilt.

Cute! She will not get very big, maybe 4 pounds. Big ol Carly was scared to death of the little mite, but did warm up. You can see the big baby backed up under the table with Miya terrorizing her! Remember, Carly is not quite 6 months old...a puppy herself.
I went to lunch today with my Aunt and Cousin. They had some things from Grandma's house they wanted to bring for me and my sister. Rachel came with and we had a nice time. Here we are...Aunt Pete, Me, and my cousin Sheryl. (She made the scarves I showed.) Sheryl is heading back to Florida in another week or so.
They found a beautiful picture of my Grandmother when she was young and made a copy for us.I had never seen the photograph before, so it was a nice surprise. I have it matted and framed already. There were 2 boxes of mostly pictures, but also 2 aprons my Grandmother wore when she did house work and baked her pies. She so loved to bake. She was very tiny, so I could never wear them myself, but they are a treasure to have.

I made her a quilted tablerunner years ago, and it was the only thing I asked my Aunt to pull for me. It was always in use, though half the time it was flipped upside down as she proclaimed it "reversible". I see Zach's toes!! The runner looks much better in person.I was given 5 knitted cotton dishcloths by my mother a year or so ago. I LOVE these dishcloths. My plan was to learn how to knit just so I could get more! Well, I got 5 more from my grandma!!

Now I can put off knitting for a while! 10 should be enough, though an even dozen would be better ;) Another embroidered tablecloth was included and will be put back for my great niece.

Did you all see the new Zachary?? If not, head over to Joni's blog and see Violet's new baby, Zach. He is adorable! Now she has a Charlotte and a Zachary! Who knew I would be able to relate to a COW???

A large part of yesterday and today in my home was spent baking bread. It seemed every loaf I made was either given away, or eaten before I could get another one done! My servant (the bread machine) kneads the dough, and then I form it and let it do it's last rise before baking it in the oven. I am not crazy about bread machine baked loaves. Well, I could share lots more, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, or maybe Friday. More dough is ready to be formed for tonights dinner. Thanks for stopping by ;)

Update: After seeing this on a couple of other blogs, I just had to share it with you. It is about the most POWERFUL thing I have ever seen. Click HERE to see it.


Joni said...

Oh Good Grief that puppy is adorable!! Oh man I can't stand it!!

Wonderful things from your Grandma!!

My 'kids' are doing good tonight. LOL. Thanks for the plug. Hopefully at some point I can get better pictures.

Jeanne said...

We have cats here now, but that is one adorable puppy! He looks like he could fit into my purse. :-) How nice you have more dishcloths now and don't have to knit right away. Lovely picture of your grandmother.

Melzie said...

I havea SUPER SUPER easy bread recipe if you want it :) let me know. Its failproof trust me. xoxo melzie

Belvie said...

That bread looks so yummy!

It's nice that you got more handmade items from your grandma. She was a very pretty lady.

Cute puppy too!

Jenny said...

What a bunch of good things. How come today's technology doesn't produce the lovely pictures of yesterday? Your grandmother was beautiful.

Darlene said...

The puppy is adorable!

You've been one busy woman! I hope you're taking care of yourself, too. :-)

meggie said...

Lovely photo of your Grandma!
Nice one of you too.
And treasures from the past are wonderful.

Guðrún said...

My big dog doesn´t like little dogs, he always walks away if they come near him and tries to ignore them.

Kim said...

Oh yum! Home baked bread! And a cute little puppy! I'd be excited about both those things! And what a great photo of your grandmother!

Libby said...

Mid-week? Here it is the end of the week before I can comment . . . talk about losing time *s* Love the photo. My daughter's favorite pic of my mom is when Mom was a young woman long, long before either of us were around. It's nice to think about they life they must have enjoyed B.C. - before children.