Sunday, September 16, 2007


I have moved beyond a bag and actually made an apron! I figured I would try that before I moved on to the skirt. It really helped me to figure out how to use a pattern...all too new to me. This was quite fun, though I really missed not having a bow whip. I use to have one (3 actually all in different sizes) and I loaned them out! I do that alot and then never get things back. That is another post and I am not going to complain! It was a little more time, but worth the effort. So here is my apron in will see my beautiful daughter in law, Rachel modeling the final product....
Did you notice that fabric was for a quilt I had planned out a long time ago...pretty nice quilt shop fabric for an apron. I know I have plenty to make a matching apron for Charlotte.
Rachel has begun her skirt and has all the pattern and fabric pieces cut. She just told me she has never used a sewing machine, so a quick machine introduction will be first. This one makes me nervous...after reading the directions, if I can get Rachel through this one, mine will be a cinch!

My mom and sister came by yesterday. My mother started working on some pillowcases. They are beautiful. Good grief, do I look like my Mother!!! Her Lazy Daisy stitch is wonderful! I gave her my floral bag I made, since I have used nothing but the bucket bag Linda gave me. I found my mother's embroidery "stuff" in a plastic bag when helping her declutter. She is usually a very clean, organized person, so when I saw all her floss, needles, hoop and project all thrown in a plastic Wal Mart bag, I was a little surprised. We took care of that with a floss organizer, some cards and the floral bag! She is all organized and stitching beautifully!
Here are some other pictures I thought I would share...just because.
My nephew, Dominic after his ice cream treat!
Miya, all wrapped up in the quilt "Grandma" gave her.
Zach loving on Miya.
Charlotte and TJ watching a movie.

I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments. I feel like a blabber-mouth, most of the time chattering about things of no interest to anyone but me! I am getting close to my 100th post, (see...I DO talk alot!) and am planning 2 giveaways...I have many quilters who visit, but also some who are not quilters. There will be a giveaway for both! I am working on some special things to show how much I enjoy you all!


Joni said...

Hooray for you honey! You made it sound easy (coming from someone who has never sewed an item of clothing!) Please tell Rachel that I love the fabric she picked for her dress! Can't wait to see that. Your Mom's pillowcases are GORGEOUS- way to go MOM! Tell her you have my address if she needs it. Waving hi to the kiddos and Miya!!! :)

Karolee said...

I have an apron fetish! I love aprons! If you get into an apron making fetish and need an outlet - let me know. :)

The term bow whip made me think of my longbow. The bowyer calls his style a whip. I have no idea what a bow whip would be for sewing, though.

Linda said...

Well aren't you the clever one, all done and no help, good for you. Give yourself a huge pat on the back.

ikkinlala said...

I love the shape of that apron.

Tamara said...

Your apron turned out great. I have found myself making a few of these great jems. That and they do not require any quilting. ;-)

Wendy said...

You found a great way to bust that stash...making aprons. Good for you, it looks fantastic. And the skirt fabric looks like fun.

Sweet P said...

Congrats on the apron and good luck on the skirt. Your mom's work is gorgeous. The photos of your children are good too. You can write all you want to, I love reading your posts.

Pam said...

Great job on the apron. Your posts are always a pleasure to read :)))

And yes -- you do look like your mum :)

meggie said...

Isn't Miya just gorgeous. Love her little quilt, too.
Your apron is very nice, Well Done!
And yes, you are like your Mum, but she is so pretty too!
I just love her stitchery on the pillow slips.
BTW Thanks for the award, Bren, I have put it up now, & am doing a post about it.

Anne Ida said...

Way to go on the apron! It looks great! Now you are ready to move on to the skirt!?! Thank you for sharing pictures of your time with your family!

Belvie said...

Oh did a beautiful job! I know you will do just great on the skirt too.

Your whole family is getting into stitching something. What a wonderful way for you to share some girlie time!

Lily said...

Congratulations Bren! I knew you could do it! Now for the skirt... :) Just have fun with it :)

And I'm sure Rachel will have lots of fun learning how to use a machine!

Three generations of sewers!

And love the photo in front of the tv - gorgeous :)

Darlene said...

The apron is adorable. Way to go - applause, applause, applause! I'm so proud of you. I'm going to live vicariously through you! :-)

You chat about anything you want on your blog I enjoy reading about it all. :-)

Nadine said...

I KNEW you would do it ! Congratulations ! So now, when can we place orders, dear ? LOL

Thanks for the beautiful family photos, and... YES, absolutely, you do look like your mother !

Hugs & smiles,

Kim said...

Very nice! See, you CAN sew! Congrats! I'm looking forward to the skirts--your daughter-in-law's and yours!

Quilting Mama said...

Wow, you're on a roll and taking everyone with you! What fun to have your mom and daughter in law to stitch with.

Keep up the great work!!

Solstitches said...

Bren you could never be a blabber mouth. I adore your blog and the posts you make are always interesting to me.
I love all the pictures in this post! The one of Charlotte and TJ watching TV is just precious.
Your apron is fabulous! So who said they couldn't sew????
Like Karolee I'm another that has a fascination with aprons right now especially those vintage ones from the 1940's. I'm sure if I wore one of those I could tackle anything......Monday's Tuesdays whatever.
Love the pic of mom and her sewing and yes, you do look like her!