Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday & Love Mail

It is that time again. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Home Management Binder. I envy those of you who do not need one because of your excellence in organization. In describing the Proverbs 31 woman, the Bible tells of her having servants (maidens). Well my HMB is a servant for me, along with my bread machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, etc. How many servants do you need? As long as the binder remains your servant and not your master, it can be a very big help. So onto my Tackle (which by the way, I would not need to do if I was so organized!!)

In my kitchen I have alot of cupboard space. More than I require. What happens when you have more space than you need? You fill it with junk! Heaven forbid you have an empty cupboard. I have 3 upper cupboard doors to the right of my kitchen sink. These, when all open, expose one large cupboard.In the door to the left, I store my dishes. The middle door is for my bread plates, lotions and medicine bin (kept on the top shelf), which also required some attention. The door to the right should hold light bulbs and odds and ends (another word for organized junk). This is what it looked like before. Here are the after photos. Still some junk, but clean, organized junk. To see more Tackle It Tuesday's go here.
Yesterday was a big mail day. I received some special dvd's I had been waiting for. They were to take 7-10 days and took over 3 weeks. I must need to build some patience!
Another package arrived and I was so excited when I saw it was from Margaret in Spain! I remember her telling me she had sent a "little something" my way. First I must tell you a little story...Picture this...I am at my Grandma's funeral. It is sad and I am not particularly comfortable. I pulled this out of my purse. It is a gorgeous tissue holder that Margaret made me back when I was her stitchery swap partner. It matches a lovely bag she made me with the same tea pot of flowers stitched on it that you will see at the top of my sidebar. Anyway, I am holding this beautiful tissue holder stuffed with Spanish tissues...I know I can be strange. Just holding that made things so much better for me. Then a cousin and his wife needed a tissue. Now there was a box of tissues at the end of our row of seats, but I said, "Here, you can have a tissue from Spain." Their grief was exchanged with a questioning look. I began to explain and pretty soon I had several people wanting a tissue from Spain. Now I kinda panicked, because I did not want to use them ALL! For crying out loud, there where boxes of tissues in that funeral home. But I knew the odd comfort I received from the tissues from Spain so I did share...I still have a few left.
Now back to the package..inside were more tissues from Spain!! See, if you give, then you will receive back 3-10 fold...I think it was about 3 fold for me, as my heart still wanted to hang on to my Spanish tissues! These are TOO CUTE!!! Front and back.

Now I certainly do not want to pass these out, but I do learn a lesson...Little Zachary has had such a terrible cold. Yesterday he was miserable. The kid will NOT blow his nose, so when he said "I bet one of those chicken Kleenex would help my nose." I could not resist. It actually DID make him feel better. ;)
So there is MORE...This beauty was included. I was told by Margaret it is functional, as all the ladies in Spain carry them in their purses. By last night, I could whip this thing open and have it waving in a split second...the wonderful zip noise included! Good-bye hot flashes! Isn't it GORGEOUS!! Here is a close up of the painted flowers and the wood cut out of the fan blades. Also in the package was this...I am told it is a liner for my rolls...I thought "how pretty...wonder what the snaps in odd places are for?"....
Hmmmm...I will snap them together to see what happens.....Oh My!!! Is that incredible, or what??? Thank You SOOOO much Margaret! You are such a lovely friend and I thank God everyday for you!

A friend loveth at all times. Proverbs 17:17


Karolee said...

I need you to move into my house and help me clean out my cupboards. :)

Love the tissues from Spain story.

I was at a luncheon when a woman took a small battery operated fan out of her purse to help cool her off. It just struck me now that her fan is the modern day version of your fan. :)

Thanks for posting pictures of your home management journal.

Linda said...

Well aren't you the spoilt kid on the block? Those chook tissues are a hoot, gorgeous fan and that bread basket liner is beautiful. Definately spoiled rotten.

Joni said...

Why don't we have chicken tissues here? I have never seen anything like that before. So cute!! Margaret was definitely thinking of you wasn't she. Lovely lovely lovely. I had a tackle it Monday by the way. I cleaned under my sink. Thought of you the whole time Bren!! LOL.

Beckaboo said...

Wow!! Your cupboards look great!

What lovely things you got in your gift package.

Blessings, Beckie :o)

atet said...

Ok, Bren -- you need to come out here and help me with my deep cleans! Those tissues are fantastic and the skirts and aprons look like such fun! If you would like a bit of an easier pattern for a skirt -- let me know!!

meggie said...

You sure do achieve a lot!
Love the fan, it is beautiful.
And I am sure Zach found those tissues a help.

Andrea said...

I love your tackle it Tuesday posts - you are getting so organised !! You reminded me I used to have a fan like that - don't know what happened to it though - strange ! Love the apron too.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

great tissues..chooks and everything, do you know I think I have matching serviettes-in Australia!!!.and if the tissues work on the kids, all the better.
The doily with the unusually placed buttons looks gorgeous, you are very lucky! Tracey

Solstitches said...

Can there be anything left to tackle in your house Bren?
I always feel like I need to go organize some cupboards after reading your Tackle it Tuesday posts but somehow I always manage to resist :)
It's amazing how you can turn even a little pack of tissues into an intersting story. You're an awesome blogger!

Kim said...

Oh, my, I think I need a friend from Spain! LOL! What great "stuff"! And the story about the tissues is wonderful!