Monday, January 26, 2009

An Afternoon (Or Two) With Anne

I had a marvelous Sunday afternoon!! I completed 24 9 patches, (2 sets of 12) and plan to mail those out to Linda sometime today. Now we will each have 72 9 patches to play around with. Linda and Nancy have been very entertaining in the comments section of my last post. They both want those fabrics!!
While sewing my afternoon away, I watched the BEST movie EVER made....Anne of Green Gables. I only watched the first video (I need to upgrade these to DVD). I was thrilled to watch Anne (with an "e") find a home with Marilla and Matthew. I love that she asked to be called "Cordellia"Then she got her forever dream of a "bosom friend"...Now this afternoon I will finish part 2 and work on the Hidden Star top. I will have to stop and weep uncontrollably when Matthew collapses in the field.And I will stop to give Anne my two cents....for cryin out pete, girl!! The boy loves you!!!! Can't you see it????I am blessed to be able to spend some of my time this way. My sister came to town today and I watched her little grandson (she is raising him) while she got her hair done. That little Dominic is a card!! He is 4 and the sweetest thing ever. He did get upset with Zach and Zach said Dommie threw some chess pieces at him. Here was my conversation with Dominic:
Me: Did you throw those pieces at Zach.
Dom: No, I didn't do it.
Me, looking at all the pieces scattered around the room: Dominic, if you are lying you will get a time out.
Dom, eyes BIG: What do I get if I tell the truth?
Me, stifling a giggle: Well you will need to pick up the pieces and tell Zach you are sorry.
Dom: I did it.
He was very cute!! Too cute for his own good.
Debbie came back from her hair appointment and we went to lunch. Speaking of food....I had a grilled chicken salad and a diet coke (oh my gosh was that diet coke good!)Today is the day to update in Sharon's challenge. I jumped into the Diet Challenge late, but I did lose 3 pounds this week. 1.5 since I joined in the middle of the week. I am down 2 pants sizes and feeling much better.
I do not use my blog to talk politics, but I need to stand up for my state. Illinois is a good place...honest. There are wonderful people here. We just are not the best at electing good, honest, officials. Blogo embarrassed us again with his narcissistic comments on the morning show he was on...I think he then went over to The View (which I do not watch) and probably embarrassed us there too. Did he actually consider naming Oprah for Senate??? Yeesh.Enough of that!!! What is the world coming to??? My little world needs some quilts finished, so I am off. Have a wonderful day! See you Wednesday for the fabric draw!


Susan said...

I love Anne too - you'd think I'd stop crying every time Matthew dies, but I blubber every time. Even when I read the book.

I've been doing WW points with my hubby. So far I've lost 6 pounds - and I thought I'd never lose weight again because of the resistance to weight loss that is the core root of type 2 diabetes. WW points is the only way I've ever lost weight - even diabetic meal plans don't work for me. I'm shooting for 23 pounds, then after that I'll re-evaluate and see if I need to lose more. The best thing is that my sugars are coming down close to normal levels, for the first time in a long time.

Congrats on your weight loss!

Judy said...

Good for you, keep up the good work!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!

I don't talk politics on my blog either, but I don't think ugly thoughts about Illinois, so don't be embarrassed. I won't comment on him, but he says some things that are kind of odd, to say the least.

Jenessa said...

oh goodness, i remember watching anne with my mom when i was younger. i think that will be one to add to both of our collections. (hopefully i'll remember that for mom's day). great job on the weight loss! 2 sizes - rock on! and no need to defend the people of illinois to me - i'm from cali and we voted in gray davis - something like 4x before we kicked him out. and now my resident state is arizona - with the guy who picked palin as his vp running mate, wow. so yeah, you're so good on that one :)

Linda said...

I love those nine patches Bren, been trying to think of a layour for them all but not have it end up the size of a football field. Will have to think some more on that one.

Winona said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Those 9-patches are just beautiful. I think every state gets an odd politician in office at one time or an other. Doesn't mean the state is bad. Can't imagine Oprah being a Senator. Goodness! Anyway, I know Illinois is not bad, because of people like you that it produces. (grin) Just hang in there, this will eventually blow over. Have a great day. Hope you got lots done last night.

Julie said...

I love Anne(with an e). I too need to upgrade to DVDS and I need to get the last one.
I always leave the room right before Matthew dies. I need a drink or snack or something. LOL
She is something that Anne girl. And Gilbert? Swoon! LOL

Katie said...

I love the movie of kindred spirits! :-) I've found a few of those here in the blogosphere I believe!

Congratulations on the diet program! You are inspiring!

Blessings to you Bren! (sorry I've been a stranger...I've been out of the blogging realm for a while but am slowly picking it back up)

Have a great rest of the week!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hi Bren,
Guess I've got to watch what all of you have already seen.
Love your nine patch blocks. And that Bloggo guy is piece of work I guess. lolol But you gotta love that hair.

Niki RuralWritings said...

Anne, as you know, is one of my very favourites! Kevin Sullivan, the guy who made the Anne movies also produced two excellent tv series, your library might have them. Road to Avonlea is one, and The Wind at my Back is another. We love them all.

We're having a big snowstorm today...are you?
Hope your week is going well