Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Winner and Sweetheart's New Blog

Today is the day to announce the winner of the fabrics in my "No Where Near My 500th Post Like I Thought" giveaway!!!
Kyle pulled a name just before he headed to work this morning.And the winner is
Congrats Mama Bear. I held my breath cause if Nancy or Linda won, we would have an issue to deal with! Thanks for playing along.
So, are you all thinking that Sweetheart has started a blog??? Nope. He is not the blogging type, however, his boss and Mom and everyone else that knows him reads here to see what he has been up to, so I thought I would share a Sweetheart section on some of my posts. Here ya go Sean....this is what Sweetheart has been up to this past week.
The basement is his domain. This room was full of drywall sheets and 2x4's.Where did all the lumber go??? Here it is....3 walls worth of 2x4's and new electrical on every 5th board. A couple of sheets of drywall have found their way up already. Look at that nicely cut out circuit box.The room will be 24ft long and about 13 ft. wide. It is keeping him busy! I have not seen one piece of duct tape used in this project. What is it with guys and duct tape??? I hung the quilt in my sewing room several years ago. It was hung with hoops and nails and held nicely with no strain on the quilt at all. Sweetheart needed to move the quilt when he redid my sewing room...just a few inches over and the hoops were on the back of the quilt. Still, he could not resist. I came into my sewing room the other morning to find this.... DUCT TAPE! I took it all off and hung it properly. I wonder why there is no duct tape in the basement project? Of course, I had to do some work too. He asked me nicely to please go through a HUGE pile of clothing. I sorted, folded and bagged 4, 30 gallon bags of mostly kid's clothes to take to the Goodwill. There are 30 years worth of boxes to go through down there. I will have to make time for it.
In the meantime, I am homeschooling, housekeeping (laundry is caught up once again), and quilting is happening. I am hand quilting in the evenings and machine piecing in the afternoons.My cutting skills have come a long way since I cut this quilt 11 years ago.In piecing these 1/2 square triangles, several of the dark ones were bigger than the light ones (which are the correct cut). I need to re-cut that top light one...see the selvage? And, the brown ones are now all trimmed up to the right size. I love Marti Mitchell templates, which is what I used to cut this entire quilt.All the 1/2 squares are pieced and ready to press. Next is a square in a square section and all the blocks will be to the 9 patch stage. It is going faster than I thought it would. Chain piecing is great!!!I have a big mess on my cutting table....just washed, and just used fabrics that need to be put away, yesterdays beverages still sitting there, and paperwork that needs to be filed. That will get done today. If I am not careful, Sweetheart will be checking my room just like he does the kids!!!Time for a quick breakfast (my favorite low carb protein bar), and for school to get started. Have a blessed, productive, fruitful day!!!


Winona said...

Bren, congrats to Mama Bear. That is some beautiful fabric. I am glad to see that your hubby is keeping busy. What are his plans for the basement? I gave away a whole trunk load of clothes when the kids moved out. It does build up. Glad you are getting in some quality quilting time. Have a great day. Winona

Mountain Mama said...

Way to go Mama Bear! A great win!

Oh the boxes! I know the feeling. One box at a time...

So, what is your hubby doing in the basement? Looks quite promising. More house!


Nancy said...

congrats to Mama Bear...if I couldn't win at least Linda didn't either....LOL

Although I would have shared....really I would..

Susan said...

Congratulations to Mama Bear!!!

Great idea to have a Sweetheart's corner for some of your posts. My husband did actually start a blog yesterday, a pastor's blog, with thoughts from his studies and sermons. I'm proud of him for doing it, because he's a man of few words, and blogging just hasn't been something he's interested in, but he knew it was a good way to increase the outreach of his ministry! :)

Andrea Cherie said...

Bless your 'Sweetheart'! Mine hates drywall- he'll hang it but no finish work or repairs for him! He always contracts that part out on a remodel job!

Love Bears All Things said...

What a surprise! I'll do a post about it once it arrives. Thanks, Kyle for picking my name out!

Is your "sweetheart" making himself a new space?
I never did finish my sampler quilt from 2008's quilting class. I don't especially like the colors I used and don't want to display it. I do need to work on one that I can put up in the studio.
I like your wallpaper border. I have been looking at it but this is the first close up I've spied. It has birdhouses like mine in the living room.
You've been busy!
Mama Bear

Charlene said...

What are you planning on doing with the basement once it's done? I'm looking forward to using my soon to be married son's room as a craft room! Oh happy days!

Guðrún said...

Congratulations to Mama Bear. I use chain piecing whenever I can, as you say it is much, much faster.

moreofhim said...

Oh, you're putting me to shame with all that quilting you're doing! lol I've been sewing, but I've been doing some baby stuff. I MUST get that quilt cut we're doing!!

Not to alarm you, but I noticed that the breakfast bar you're eating has peanut butter in it. Did you check the FDA website to make sure it's not on the recall list? Just looking out for ya!

I love all the stuff you're doing and hubby's projects are nice, too.

Will keep in touch!


P.S. I'm very sad I didn't win the fabric - but - I didn't really need it. Of course, I say that every time I add to the stash. lol

Linda said...

Congrats to Mama Bear, well now I don't know that I like Miss Nancy's response. I think I'll go and sit in the corner and

In Pursuit of His Call said...

A finished basement sounds like a wonderful addition to the house! It will provide so much more room for you! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Thanks, Bren, for visiting my blog and welcoming me back home. It was a nice and pleasant surprise!

And like always, I am very encouraged when I come and visit you! I just wish I had more time...The girls really keep me on my feet and with another one on the way, I'm much more slower and need more time to get tasks done.

Nonetheless, I always enjoy "visiting" when I do!

Donetta said...

I found a great use for the fabric.
I hope your doing well.

Angie said...

Hi Bren -
As usual, I'm inspired and encouraged! I'm also BACK! I think I've got my life "less-busy" now and will try better to post. Thank you for your encouragement!! :-)